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Thanksgiving Wishes to YOU!

My inbox is filled with Black Friday savings, we have fresh snow on the ground, and the sweet potatoes are in the oven. I guess that means it must be Thanksgiving!

When I scanned through net this morning I saw an interesting image: the most searched-for Thanksgiving recipes by state. At I temporarily pitied those in the “frog eye salad” states but a quick search showed it as a sweet fruit salad and not something more scary. 🙂


I’m a bit surprised there are so many vegans in Oregon that vegan gravy is #1. Brownberry stuffing for our area? Come ON! Every Thanksgiving my dad has the honor(?) of toasting an entire loaf of bread for my mom’s amazing stuffing. I don’t think it would feel the same with store-bought stale bread cubes.

But, I find it fascinating how much tradition plays a part of holidays and how, usually, whatever way your mom made something always ends up being your preferred recipe for that dish. Thanksgiving is about comfort – family, friends, well-wishes, and the AMAZING side dishes. Turkey almost (almost) is an after-thought for me. 🙂

I came across this little poem and I thought it was an interesting thought for my day. In other words, be thankful for everyone you meet. Even those you try and bring you down teach you lessons on being stronger and persevering, on being compassionate and understanding, and about grace.


Whether you’re watching the Macy parade, enjoying a Turkey Trot race, racing around your kitchen, getting excited about football, driving to see family/friends, eyeing up your Black Thursday/Friday plan of attack, or sitting and enjoying the day, I’m sending my very best wishes for a fabulous day. I’m thankful for all of YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(gobble gobble)


3 Responses

  1. Hope you have a great holiday, Ali!

  2. hope you had a lovely thanksgiving! what an interesting map!

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