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My Condolences to Buffalo

Is anyone doing the “30 Days of Thanksgiving” this month? I think it’s a Facebook trend, but generally each day for the month of November, people post something they are thankful for. I should have done this because I feel it’s a great daily reminder of how much each of us has to be thankful for. We so often get absorbed in what we don’t have and it’s nice to give it balance.

So today, I am thankful – very, very thankful – that I do not live in Buffalo NY. OMG Normally I don’t watch the evening news but we tuned in last night and saw the pictures and footage.

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Anthony Quintano – csmonitor.com

Our weather man explained about the lake effect and how the Great Lakes are still warm. The wind current pulling the warm air inland and then freezing equals some nightmare snow conditions. I saw one chart that showed the snow line and how within a 5 mile area, the span of snow ranged from 2″ to 60+”. Wouldn’t you hate those 2″ people if you were the ones with the 60″?

Here in the beautiful city of Green Bay, we’re on pace to set some new records ourselves. Not that the records are worth boasting about…we’re looking to set record LOW temperatures. It’s only November!!!!! AGGGHHH!

But here’s a totally random and funny story for a cold and snowy morning.

Apparently there’s a show called “Master Chef Junior” on right now. Ben and I used to love watching the Food Network back when we had cable so last week when we were over visiting friends and it was on, we just all collectively stopped our conversations and watched a slew of 8-13 year old aspiring chefs whip up fancy-schmancy dishes. What were they making? Pie. Ben loves pie with as much vigor as I hate snow. As we watched kid after kid whipping up a variety of pies, Ben suddenly exclaimed: “I need pie. Now.” and he put his coat on and just walked right out the door!


About 20 minutes later he returned with a 100 watt smile and a peanut butter silk pie. I guess he walked into Perkins, and started looking at the pies with obvious intent. The lady behind the counter commented on it and Ben explained that he’d just been watching a cooking show and now he needed pie. She nodded and confirmed that such a thing happens more often than you’d think.


I think it’s pretty funny. One minute we’re all silently watching the show and the next, boom, Ben’s out the door on the way to get pie. 🙂 Thank goodness he didn’t have several feet of snow to wade through because he might have braved a storm at that point.

Anyways, all this crazy weather reminds us to check our Winter safety measures. Here’s just a few things we do to be prepared over the Winter. Is there anything you do that I need to add to my list?

  • Check batteries on flashlights, stock candles and matches in case of power outage
  • Put a blanket, snow boots, and bag of kitty litter or ice melt in car
  • Have a few gallons of extra water
  • Stock pantry with a few ready-to-eat meal options
  • Stock extra toilet paper (can you imagine being stuck at home in a storm without any?)

Stay warm and stay safe everyone. May the snow storms stop soon!!


5 Responses

  1. ….don’t forget the coffee!!!!!

  2. It’s way too early for this kind of weather. I can survive the cold and a little snow but when it gets cold and snowy this early, then melts, then rains, it’s impossible to walk or run on and so dangerous. Cold, snow, just no ice please.
    And …. guess you better add “Pie” to your list of winter supplies.

  3. Make a list of contacts and share with people so you have an order of who notifies who. It makes things streamlined without having to ask ‘have you talked to X yet?”

    I am so glad i am not in Buffalo. People don’t seem to understand this snow is made worse by global warming!

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