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It Feels Like January Folks

Let’s get it out of the way first thing: I shoveled snow this weekend.


We woke up yesterday morning to a not-so-lovely sight. At first we didn’t think there was enough to even bother with, but as we drove over it en route to the grocery store, we knew it needed to be shoveled. It’s COLD out folks. I don’t think anyone was expecting this sharp of a decrease in temps. Heck, it’s only mid-November.

Growing up we lived in northern WI and one Thanksgiving (maybe 15 years ago now) we invited a close family over to celebrate with us. The menu was divided and everything was planned. The only thing un-planned was the 6+ inches of snow that fell that morning. Through a flurry of panic and concerned phone calls, we learned that the father worked for the city and had some control over the snow plows. So… he just had someone come and snow plow the route from his house to ours. We got our celebration after all!

The weather man said our weekly forecast resembles January weather. I keep telling Ben I need, NEED a job where I can move South Jan-Mar. I need to beef up my case because the guy isn’t convinced. I keep hoping. 🙂

One of the restaurant chains in our area opened a branch a couple miles from our house. It’s a café/diner chain – the type you’d be more likely to go for breakfast than dinner. We decided to check it out on our way to our weekly grocery store run.

We got WAY too much food. I had such a craving for French toast but wanted some protein too, so we both ordered the basic egg platter – with sausage and hash browns – and decided we’d split the French toast since it was only two pieces.


Our meals also came with a choice of muffin top, toast, or mini cakes. I didn’t want toast since I was getting mine a’la French, so I picked a pumpkin muffin top. Ben went with the “mini” cakes – which ended up being two large pancakes. There was a lot of leftover food! Lesson learned.




We went home in food comas, which probably worked out perfectly because we got a bunch of house stuff accomplished and then tuckered out just in time to watch the Packer game. They look pretty good. It’s fun to watch games that aren’t always nail biters. For many years it seemed that almost every game was fought until the very end.

With 10 days until Turkey Day, I’m starting to think about Thanksgiving dishes… it’s weird to think Thanksgiving is so close now (heck New Year’s feels so close) and I need to start planning. Anyone have an amazing family staple Thanksgiving recipe they want to share?? I’d love some great input. 🙂

Meanwhile, have a fabulous day everyone. If you live in WI, stay warm. If you haven’t gotten out the winter coat and accessories, get going! Brr!


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  1. We got snow as well, but don’t have to shovel it because it is just turning over to rain – hopefully it won’t freeze, but probably will…

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