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Hats, Mittens, and Scarves – Oh my!

After shivering and shaking all week as I futilely rub my hands together while walking across the parking lot at work, I now unearthed my winter accessories. My heavy coat, my thick mittens, my vast assortment of hats and scarves that I rarely wear, and my snow boots. Would you believe I have the same pair of boots from when I was 14 years old? They don’t make stuff the way they used to! 🙂

We had a fun dinner out celebrating my bridesmaid’s birthday. She works part time at a local restaurant so we went there for her dinner and boy did they roll out the red carpet! It was so much fun. We got free appetizers from the chef and the waitress made her a black forest cake!


Who gets a homemade cake from their waitress on their birthday?? Totally awesome!


And delicious! We cut modest pieces but after a filling and delicious meal, we ended up cutting a bit to take home and giving the rest to the wait staff and cooks.


I love sugar. <sigh>

I do have a very important and necessary question to ask though. Since when did Skittles swap out lime for green apple?? How does green apple even fit in the Skittle flavor profile? They are terrible! At first I thought it was because I hadn’t had it in a while and my tastes changed, but the other flavors still taste delicious… So naturally, my mini bag of skittles would be predominately green. This offends my sugar-loving sensibilities (kind of like when M&M swapped the light brown for the blue – I don’t eat blue things). Am I way behind on Skittles or was this new for Halloween?


I also can’t believe we’re just two short weeks from Thanksgiving! I’ve only put a few Fall decorations up and now I’m thinking I should just skip doing anything more and start prepping for CHRISTMAS. Boy, it seems hard to believe we’re almost there too. Amazon already is posting their Black Friday daily deals. Didn’t it feel like just 2 or 3 weeks ago when we had 70 degrees, sun, and summer? I can’t remember such a sharp drop. This Fall totally missed the 60 degree weather.

We definitely need to winterize the backyard this weekend. I wanted to set the rabbit traps one last time, cover my rose bush, and see what we can do to protect some of the plants from the rabbits. There’s nothing worse than the trail of rabbit droppings winding all over our backyard all winter long. lol 🙂

Is anyone else shocked Thanksgiving is almost here? Has anyone started menu-planning? Christmas shopping?


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