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And so, the snow begins

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Good morning blog town.

It was simultaneously an amazingly fun and wretchedly horrid weekend. Our friends have a family cabin about 90 min North of Green Bay and they invited us and two other couples for a weekend of lounging around and being lazy. Ben got off work an hour early so we could get packed and hit the road.

When we started driving, we noticed it began to drizzle. Soon after, that drizzle became rain, then sleet, and then snow! This was probably not the best time to notice that Ben needs new wiper blades on his car! Let me tell you, the drive up was no fun. Not only was the visibility bad from the sleet/snow and the wipers smeared more than they cleared, but we were relying on spotty GPS on twisty roads loaded with deer. We arrived frazzled, haggard, and starving. It’s amusing to look back on now because all the other couples arrived in similar fashion. Luckily there was a supper club a mile down the road, so we piled into two cars and decompressed about the drive while munching on the delicious salad bar and perfectly cooked steaks.

The Saturday plan was to eat breakfast, play some board games and then head out to try some target practice. Ben and I unfortunately got up at the usual crack of dawn despite being kept up WAY too late by the noise of the other partiers. So Ben made a pot of coffee and we sat in the living room waking up. I brought my tablet along and played a few games of Sudoku and then made breakfast for everyone: hash brown, egg, sausage casserole. It was delicious!

The boys ran outside to throw footballs and by then the snow from the previous night had begun to melt away – by a fresh drizzle of cold rain. The boys came in with soaking shoes declaring it too wet to shoot guns in the woods as planned. So, we settled for setting up a target and trying BB Guns instead.


I’ve never shot a gun before and I was pretty nervous. I didn’t really know what to expect so the first time I was bracing for more of a kickback and totally missed the target. The main issue I noticed was that I should have had my glasses on for better overall aim. I could track other’s bullets easily enough but when I was looking at the target and missing, I couldn’t see by how much. Ben stood alongside me to help point out “a little lower”, “a little to the left”, etc…

Alas, I never hit the target even once. Ali is no sharpshooter! I guess I need a bit more practice (or maybe they should have let me start closer to the target! 🙂 )

Ben was amazingly good considering he has only shot once before.


He has incredible patience, which probably helps too. If he misses a shot, he’s good at figuring out how to align and correct for the next shot.

And… after-shooting drinks! (No drinking and shooting allowed)


The couple whose family owns the cabin were on a similar sleep schedule to us: early to bed; early to rise. So after mid-morning hit and the people that were up yelling until 2am (and prevented the rest of us from sleeping) got tire, I didn’t feel like sitting around whispering so people could sleep – and waste the day. Instead, our hostess took Ben and me into town and we tried a winery that had just opened. We tried a few wines, all had a different favorite, and then stopped by the local general store for toilet paper and to check out their wine supply.

If this picture doesn’t tell you everything…


You walk in the front door and two large dogs are standing there looking at your. To the right there was a large walk-way that led into the owner’s house (where a guy was watching TV on the recliner) and then the aisles are packed tight with a hodge-podge of everything you could need. It’s definitely the epitome of a hunter’s town. We probably lucked out by going before hunting season or the quiet town would have been buzzing with a crowd of blaze orange.

We were supposed to stay until Sunday morning but Ben and I were pretty dead after dinner and weren’t up for another night of loud partying (aren’t we getting OLD, holy cow!) so we left at 8:30pm and drove back home. We both showered and were in bed by 10:15pm and asleep by 10:16pm. It was wonderful. 🙂

I spent most of yesterday curled up on the couch half sleeping and half watching football. I stayed up through the 3rd quarter of the Packer game before declaring that there was no way the Bears were going to come back, and went to bed.

I definitely felt weird leaving all our friends to come home early. I’m interested in opinions. Would you have stayed? The walls were super thin, our friends weren’t interested in being quiet (and we didn’t want to squelch anyone else’s fun), and I didn’t want to be so sleep-deprived Sunday morning that I ended up getting mad/snappy at people. Somehow though, I feel like some of the people thought I was being rude to leave.

Ok, it looks like the morning drizzle is supposed to turn over to snow soon (eek!!!) so I’m going to wrap this up and head to work. Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!!


2 Responses

  1. It’s fun to try something different once in a while. I don’t blame you for leaving though. Sometimes we’re into getting rowdy with the crowd, sometimes not. During those times when we’re just not in the mood, friends understand. 🙂

  2. I don’t blame you for leaving. If others are being inconsiderate to your sleep, it certainly isn’t inconsiderate of you to leave.

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