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Halloween Parties and Clunky Cars

What a day, what a month, what a year…

It’s November already! I know a lot of you are bummed about Daylight Savings Time ending but personally, I was grateful for the extra hour of sleep and having a few more weeks of daylight on my morning commute to work. That being said, I’ll probably grimace when I’m driving home tonight and it’s already dark out! ๐Ÿ™‚

I looked in my draft folder and realized I have FOUR partial blog posts from the last two weeks that never got finished and published. Oops. I’m quickly learning that if you deviate from your usual routine, it’s more challenging to get stuff accomplished. Ben was in Las Vegas for a work convention all of last week and my schedule was sharply adjusted. I had sweet friends who offered dinners and evening entertainment so I wasn’t home alone, but that meant later nights, less evening prep, and rushing to work in the morning rather than sitting and blogging to you. It also meant I got flowers right before he left. โค


This morning was another twist in the routine. I dashed off to work, logged in and grabbed the usual coffee and oatmeal from the cafeteria only to discover Ben’s car wouldn’t start and he needed help. I dashed home and we tried jumping the battery but that didn’t affect the issue, so we’re stuck waiting on the towing situation this evening. Oh, the joys of car ownership! On the other side, they recently paved the side road by our house that covers almost half of the biking distance between our house and work – AND they added a large bike/walking path!! I’m so excited for Spring now. How come they didn’t have that sooner??? It’s going to make biking to work a more viable option for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

For a quick catch-up, we’ve been partying it up for Halloween with back-to-back weekends of Halloween horror! My maid of honor always throws ridiculous parties with amazing decorating themes and detail. This year she went for a haunted children’s school and creeped everyone out with her collection of dolls.


Dolls don’t usually creep me out but the one on the swing would move and her voice was pretty scary/awesome.


I also liked the lighting effect they added to their pantry this year:

019Ben wanted to go as a ninja turtle (Donatello, of course) and we ordered his costume only to discover the “Standard Adult” size was for someone much shorter. We ended up cutting it at the waist and he wore it as a shirt with dark green Packer pants turned inside out so the logo wasn’t visible:

013I had decided I wanted to be something I loved – so either chocolate or coffee (ha ha!). I ended up asย a life-sized bag of M&Ms. 012Normally we NEVER get a picture of the two of us together but a friend set up a little photo booth and snapped pictures for everyone. It was wonderful!!

Every year I pledge to be more creative the following year… and then time gets away from me and I end up being something easy to throw together.

The creative food items were abundant as well. Check out these “pizzas” that arrived in actual pizza boxes. Is this not super-amazing? (and yummy too!)


004We even went “trick or treating” to my friend’s mother’s house just to see her Halloween decorations (she puts up quite the show) and ended up with little adult goodie bags piled full of more sugar than I should be eating. ๐Ÿ™‚


We made great progress getting the yard ready for winter. That meant cleaning out the dead plants from the garden, pulling some dead leaves off the day lily plants, and completing the final mowing of the year. Now we just need a less-windy day to lay down some winter fertilizer and we should be all set. I was in Walmart yesterday and they were playing actual Christmas music over the store speakers. I officially heard my first Christmas tune of the year – and it felt too early (even for a Christmas-loving freak like myself).

So there you have it. We have a fun weekend away from home planned and then it’s just settling into a new routine and figuring out what I want to accomplish before the end of the year. Anyone else feel like Jan 1st is going to creep up MAJORLY quickly??


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  1. That party looked like fun! You guys are so cute in your costumes ๐Ÿ˜€

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