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The Poor Packers


It’s feast or famine in Ali’s blogging world these days folks. First I take off for a week of relaxation and come back blasting you with tons of vacation pictures… only to disappear again!

Well… I was abducted by aliens and had to negotiate my release which accounts for why I’ve been a bit absent on my blog. That, or it’s just life, right?

We’ve been keeping a close eye on sports lately with mixed results. The Cardinals lost the NLCS and didn’t go to the World Series, so at least I’m done having to watch baseball and can concentrate on other embarrassments… like last night’s football game.


Soooooo bad. In fact, what a crazy week in the NFL in general – lots of blowout and high-scoring games! Just tell me why none of those high-scoring people were on my fantasy team?!

These last two weekends we’ve watched Alex collect two more 2nd place finishes in local 10Ks. He had a PR this weekend and has his sights set on breaking 40min. It’s good training for the Summer Games. When he got back from training camp we found out he doesn’t just have one event – he’ll be in three! More chances for medals are always good.

What’s so great for Alex is that he’s gotten to know a bunch of the local runners and several are about his age AND about his speed – so they push each other during the races.

Spooky 2014

(Spooky Sprint – 2014)

AHR -14

And… it’s NOT like they are a super-talented bunch of runners either. Honestly, I sometimes wonder how much bling the three of them have combined!

AHR - 14 3But if I were Alex, I’d want friends running with me. Alex can actually run AND talk at the same time. This alone baffles and mystifies me. I can “run” (as in a very slow trot) for about 10 seconds and during that time, there’s no way I have enough air to do more than gasp! lol

AHF - 14 2This weekend was absolutely incredible. It was in the high 60s Saturday and the low 60s yesterday. Ben and I took advantage of what may be the last warm day of the year (Nooooooooo!) and went for a nice 3 mile loop around the neighborhood. I heard the news guy say something about snow in the 10 day forecast but I am choosing to block that from all conscious memory. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve got a giveaway coming up this week – I promise! Plus, I need to fill you in on my latest weight-loss goals as well as what I’m planning to do with my evenings now that they aren’t filled with school work or wedding planning!

Have a FABULOUS Monday everyone.


2 Responses

  1. We might get snow this weekend. Nooooo! Not ready. As if I ever am ready…

    I hate to say that I was rooting hard for the Saints last night. I had my weekly picks dependent on them ๐Ÿ˜€

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