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The Honeymoon Eats (Part 2)

It’s a dark and rainy Tuesday morning here in Wisconsin so what better thing to do than look at more warm and sunny food pictures from Punta Cana?!

Tuesday night we took an educated risk and decided to eat at the seafood restaurant Oceana on our resort. We spied steak on the menu and decided to give it a try!

Oceana – Seafood

We were ushered into a table at the back of the restaurant and looked over the menu for non-fish items. How weird is it that none of us really ate fish and so all 4 were picking out the non fish items to try?


Ben was still not feeling well and had another night of picking through his entire meal. I felt so bad for him. 😦 Three of us selected the vegetable pasta with crispy cheese garnish for our appetizer. It was awesome. The veggies were fresh and tasty and it was a surprisingly good dish. We all gobbled ours up.


Main Course:

All of us ordered the sirloin steak. Normally sirloin isn’t a quality cut of beef and is more chewy than other cuts, but the buffet was always next door if we were still hungry… we didn’t need to worry though. The steak was amazing!

061It was a delicious cut served with grilled pineapple (sooo good!) and bacon-wrapped potatoes.


I won on the dessert front again! I somehow always had the best luck picking out my dessert. Everyone went with the cheesecake and I selected the crème brulee. The cheesecake was chalky and had a weird consistency but my crème brulee was sweet, creamy, and absolutely perfect.



They didn’t flambé my crème brulee the way they had with other people’s tables so I am only giving this restaurant an A-. Had I been flambé’d (is that a word?) then it would have been an A. At the seafood place – go figure!?

Tamarindo – Mexican

I’d been waiting for the Mexican restaurant. While Punta Cana isn’t Mexico, I figured this would be a cuisine more in line and authentic to Dominican cooking than some of the other themed restaurants. We almost didn’t even go. Our friend had her heart set on visiting the buffet because it was Dominican-theme night and she wanted to try the local food. When we started walking through the buffet to pick some items, our friends raced over to tell us they didn’t see anything out of the ordinary so we might as well just go somewhere else.

But – they were serving that amazing Jamaican flambé coffee again! So the trip wasn’t a waste. We sat down and all had a lovely cup of coffee and then were off to try the Mexican restaurant Tamarindo. I just love all the differences between the restaurants. It really lends itself to a unique experience every night. We had a short wait and the girls checked out the gift store while the boys walked across the quad to check the sports bar.

Front entrance to the restaurant:

128Oddly enough, we were led to a quiet corner table loaded with rose petals. The only table with rose petals. ???


We decided it was in honor of the boys and laughed and ordered our Margaritas. The Pirates were playing the wild card baseball game and our friend Matt had his tablet out and was literally bouncing in his seat in anticipation to get back to the sports bar.

077 081


I snapped a picture of the menu here. Is anyone’s Spanish better than mine?



Every table got a lovely plate of nachos as soon as they sat down. Oh yeah! For our appetizer course the girls ordered the tortilla soup and the guys picked chicken corn cakes. The girls won – the guys’ dish was a bit dry and our soup was really good.

083 082

Main Course:

The girls won on the entrees too. We picked the chicken fajitas which were amazing. Really, really good. The guys went with the flautas which were rolled up in a corn tortilla… and had some little chicken bones inside. Ooops!

085 084

Everyone ordered the chocolate mousse and I was the rebel with the three milk cake. Everyone else had one bite and stopped eating and got to watch me happily devour my amazing cake. Boy, I was definitely on a roll picking the right dessert!

087 086With full bellies the boys raced back to the sports bar and we girls walked around the sister resort. They had a bunch of vendors out peddling their merchandise. You definitely didn’t want to say hello or even smile because they would be on you in a second with handfuls of items they were trying to sell you. Like this painting the guy said we needed to have…


You may be shocked… but we did not purchase the naked saxophone women picture. How would you even get that on the plane home, you know, if you actually wanted it.

Mercure – French

Thursday was a bittersweet evening because it was the last night before our friends were leaving. There were just three restaurants we hadn’t tried yet: one was closed for the evening, one was sushi – so that left the French restaurant for our final meal as a foursome.

We had a silly waiter there who asked if we’d like our picture taken… and then took one of himself.

131 132


We all got a cute little salad served in a crispy cheese shell.

We had a variety of main entrees. Our friend Nicole went with the vegetable wrap, Matt went with the pork, and Ben and I chose the petite filet of beef. Everyone liked their dish this time. Mine was served under a bed of amazing risotto. Wonderful!

135 134 133


When the dessert menu went by, Ben and Nicole picked the crème brulee because mine had been so tasty the other day. Matt tried a fruit cake with ice cream. I asked the server what the best dish was and he suggested the layered chocolate cake. Guess who won again. 🙂 Delicious!!



Mercure got an A- score. Better food than we expected and had my appetizer been a bit better, it would have been an A for me.

After eating we walked around the resorts some more, sat through a bit of the evening entertainment, and then decided to hit up the American restaurant for a late-night dessert. They’d been there the night they arrived so it was a chance for Ben and me to get a look at another restaurant.

Bluewater Grill – American Seafood & Steakhouse

It took a long, long time to get our desserts. I think they were puzzled that we didn’t want anything except the desserts. Oh well.


This restaurant was on the family resort… interesting poster choice?142

Nicole had raved about the ice cream sundae so I went with that. The boys selected the carrot cake. Ben’s a fool if he honestly expected their carrot cake to rival mine. :p 🙂
149 148

 Spice – Hibachi

Our last dinner was to the hibachi restaurant called Spice. We made reservations since we wanted to be at the actual hibachi table rather than order off the menu. We got seated with 3 other couples – from Ohio, Florida, and Holland (as in tulips and windmills and all that). 🙂

I think we would have enjoyed eating here so much more if our friends had been there too. Hibachi is much better when you can chat with the folks around you. Two of the couples had kind of paired off and were engaged in their own conversations and the couple from Florida by us were pretty engrossed in each other. So we just sat in the middle and enjoyed the experience. We ate the traditional soup, got a beautiful plate of food for dinner (the fried rice was AMAZING) and ate a single bite of the fried ice cream. The dessert was terrible – but pretty.

185 182 180 183 184

Spice was a B+. The main entrée was excellent but the soup and dessert were not edible. Still, definitely worth going for the experience.

Well there you have it – all the food we ate on our honeymoon. 🙂 Anything pop out that you would have tried? We definitely lucked out being able to access both resorts restaurants since 5 of the ones we stopped by were on the other resort. Plus, it doesn’t get much better than a fancy dining experience every night for a week. 😉


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