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Making Friends on Vacation

So I’m continuing on my honeymoon recaps. There’s so much to tell and I want to write down my favorite things so I never forget them years from now. Isn’t that one of the best things about blogging? I sure think so! Part 1, Part 2

By Monday morning we felt like resort pros. We had tackled dinner at one of the fancy dinner spots and we knew our way around the resort pretty well. We decided to sit through the 90min timeshare presentation just because I wanted to understand exactly what those were. You always hear people tell you not to go, but I figured since they were serving breakfast at the same time, we wouldn’t lose much beach time.

After going through that (and no, we didn’t purchase a timeshare), it was almost 10am and we figured getting a palapa on the beach probably wasn’t going to happen – so we settled for a quiet spot along the lazy river that wound its way around the inside perimeter of the resort.


View from across our new spot – you can see the swim-up rooms.

171057It was an incredibly ideal location, believe it or not. Only one other couple had set out towels and it was quick and easy to hop into the water whenever you felt warm. We were far enough away from the swim-up bar and crush of rowdy volleyball people there but could still hear the light din of the party music. It was just very peaceful and relaxing.

People on the resort were friendly but not really chatty. I’d smile at those situated around us but not really engage in any conversation. That all changed though when another couple came and sat down right next to us. They were from Pittsburgh and we soon discovered we were fast friends.

(we could hear YMCA playing…)


It’s pretty rare you find people that have both the same energy level as you and the same vacation expectations. For example, none of us had planned excursions and were content to float around the lazy river. We also tended to enjoy the same things – like sports – and had similar interests in the nighttime entertainment, getting out of the heat, and not staying up for crazy hours in the evening.

We ended up doing all of our lunches and dinners together as well as hanging out together in the evenings. Our resort was attached to another resort and while they weren’t allowed on our side, we were able to take advantage of their side. That meant the disco club, computer center, casino, theatre, sports bar, and a variety of dinner restaurants. We missed the Sunday Packer game not expecting it to be on television but after roaming around both resorts, we discovered the perfect place for catching the Pirates wild card baseball game as well as the Thursday night Packer game – both in English!


Get this, the sports bar had a built-in bowling alley! It was $10/game so we decided not to play, plus why do something you can do at home?


Each night after dinner we’d head back to our rooms to change out of our dinner clothes and put on cooler stuff in order to more comfortably sit and watch the nighttime entertainment. They had excellent wait staff and there was always a lot of bling on our drink glasses. Fresh fruit was standard but at night you’d get the umbrellas as well as the fun straw paper fruit.

I have a ton of pictures of all the restaurants they had at the resort and the food we ate. I think I’ll put that all into one post so you can see the goods together. We had quite a few wonderful meals during our stay.

Buenos Dias amigos!


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  1. That looks so gloriously relaxing. How cool that you made friends while there! It’s a nice memory to have.

    $10 for a game of bowling? Jiminy! I get annoyed when it is over $2 LOL

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