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Blue Skies and Palm Trees

Hopefully you are ready for more honeymoon recaps – because I have lots more to tell!

In 2011, Ben and I went to Cozumel for a week and one of the things we remember most about that trip was how tired the sun and heat made us. We were wondering if that would be the case this time around too – but we did great. In Cozumel we were sound asleep by 8:30pm every night and up at 6am. In Punta Cana, we’d get up around 7am and be in bed between 11pm and 12am.

Our mornings would consist of grabbing our towels and throwing them over chairs and then sauntering over to the buffet for breakfast. The buffet would open at 7am and we’d show up closer to 8am – but it always seemed quiet and peaceful then. Maybe most of the vacationers were still asleep?


Breakfast was always coffee, fresh orange juice, and water. That’s a lot of beverage in the morning! They had a lot of “American” food and we often gravitated towards that. The hash browns, for example, we both ate daily.


Meanwhile – did you see all the silverware? Each time you ate you had two forks, two knives, and a spoon. For the fancier dinner restaurants you had an additional soup spoon as well!

Sunday, our first full day at the resort, we decided to park down by the beach for the day. They have these thatched umbrellas called palapas that looked really amazing but also blocked a lot of the view in front of you.


There’s nothing like sitting under one to really feel like you’re far away from home. It’s pretty cool.

The ever-present humidity:


10 minutes later…


20 min later…


This was around 9am and there were still a bunch of open chairs. Since it’s technically the off season, they said the resort was only 70% full. That means lots of empty chairs, less noise, and no lines for dinner.

Ben is more of a fish than I am, so I parked on my chair with a thick application of sun screen and Ben would alternate between staring at the water and swimming in it. It was a perfect day.

Towards the afternoon when the sun wasn’t so direct, we moved over to the section of beachfront without the palapas. Instead, there’s rows of tall palm trees that offer shade. What’s also fabulous is that down by the water there’s a fantastic breeze which really helps keep you cooler.


I found myself loving to just sit back in my chair and stare at the palm trees under the blue sky. Seriously, it was so peaceful and relaxing. The drink lady would come by every so often to get us new drinks and we would just sit, sip, and soak up the day.



024It was the perfect balm to my stressed mind. With school and wedding planning dominating all my time and energy these past few years, I can’t tell you how great it was to sit, do nothing, and just enjoy. ❤

More vacation recaps and funny stories coming this week. Plus, I spy another giveaway in the near future!



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