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Holy Peppers

We are getting to the very end of the garden season around here. With our week of vacation quickly approaching, I started picking the remaining peppers out of the garden. No chance I want to risk them getting a sheen of frost on them!


Our pepper crop grew really well last year but with almost twice as many plants this year – we’re experiencing a bumper crop! We’ve been picking a pepper here and there all summer as needed and I couldn’t believe how many were still out there.


Four trips later and all the peppers were collected!

…and the newlyweds were caught being newlyweds…



We changed out of our work clothes and decided to get started on the older crop of peppers we had picked last week. That way these new guys could sit and start coloring.

016I love the color!!! 🙂 Ben was the master chopper and chopped and diced all the peppers up. We’re about 1/3 of the way through now.


I’m hoping we have enough time to get the rest chopped and packaged before we leave. I am pretty excited about all the money we are saving having ample peppers now. Otherwise we’re paying over $2 a pepper in the store. Yay for homegrown!! We used our new Foodsaver machine to vacuum pack everything. They make re-sealable ziplock bags that you can vacuum pack. Those are incredible. I can see us getting more of those.


I’m *almost* wondering if we’ll actually eat this many before next year’s crop. That’s a lot of peppers for two people! 🙂


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