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2014 Fox Cities Marathon

Happy Monday everyone! Did you survive the weekend? Ready for a shiny new week?

It was a fairly busy weekend for us. I kicked the weekend off by sitting outside and enjoying some much needed warmth and sunshine!


I don’t know… I’m pretty much thinking these types of afternoons will be fleeting. It was just warm and sunny and beautiful. How come I didn’t get married LAST Friday instead of the week before? <palmtoface>

I had an afternoon haircut appointment and decided since it was only 1+ mile away, I’d just leisurely walk there and enjoy the day. I gave myself a little over 20 minutes to get there and showed up a few minutes early. Perfect!


010and… after:

011It’s the post-wedding haircut. With all my hair loss, I haven’t been able to support long hair very well. The result is that it always feels like it’s being pulled out and my hair is SO limp and straight that everything just flops. My new ‘do looks light and fluffy but that’s a result of a curling iron and several liberal doses of hairspray!

Friday night we went out with a small group of friends to see “The Book of Mormon” in Appleton. Our friends had seen it before and said it was the funniest thing they had ever seen, so we were pretty excited – and I was looking forward to some much needed laughter and fun.

We started out with dinner at a nearby supper club. The happy newlyweds:


We were in high balcony seats so I brought my glasses with me. Everyone was snapping pictures everywhere so I took ONE. And the usher promptly came over and told me that while “selfies” (I hate that word) were allowed, pictures of JUST the stage were not. O-kay. Here is my highly illegal picture. If my head were in it somewhere, it would be fine…


Honestly… wouldn’t recommend the play. It definitely was raunchy and I went in fully expecting it (it was written by the guys who wrote South Park) but I realized that A: I wasn’t in the right mood to enjoy that kind of humor and B: when you aren’t in the right mindset, it becomes more on the offensive side than the funny side. I think I chuckled a few times but neither Ben nor I was all that impressed. Plus the acoustics in the building made it really hard to hear all the words and we felt like we missed a lot. Bummer

After the show we went for a quick drink at a local bar while we waited for all the people to exit the parking ramps. It’s a madhouse and often it’s better to just wait a bit than deal with the nonsense.

It’s always Christmas at Cleo’s!

013We spent Saturday running some errands and doing a first pass at re-organizing the house. It’s been chaos since the wedding. Saturday night, right after dinner, I started to feel kind of weird. There are a TON of nasty germs going around the area and I began to despair that I’d caught some icky bug that would take me out of commission the next few days. Argh! Sore throat and general fogginess.

Sunday morning we woke up early – to a bunch of rain. Normally that’s not a big deal except we were trekking back to Appleton to cheer Alex on at the marathon. I wasn’t feeling great but my throat wasn’t too bad, so we decided to swing by Walmart to get some zinc on our way over and just stay out as long as made sense. So there we were about 4 miles in just like a year ago!



021Hmm – Ben’s lost weight and I’ve gained weight. No fair! πŸ™‚

The nice part was that the rain was mostly drizzly and never a true downpour. I couldn’t imagine cheering in the pouring rain (or watching the poor runners slog through that!). We knew a lot of good places to sit and watch – a benefit from having cheered at this face before. Alex completed the marathon last year but cramped up at mile 22 which slowed him down considerably. He wobbled across and we immediately needed to get him some medical attention for his hamstrings. I won’t lie, we were a little worried this time around too.

Early on Alex always looks great. He positioned himself with the 3:40 pace group and away he went!

039He’s so fast though that my camera can never get many good shots!

033Slow down Alex, ha ha! Alex can pretty much do a half marathon in his sleep and he mentioned that it was a really easy 13 miles despite the rain.

041I felt bad for the walkers. If you are a 7+ HOUR walker, they let you start an hour early. I would think it has got to be weird when all the runners start flying past you. I made sure to cheer extra loud for them!

030One of the fun things about driving to different points in the race is you get to see all the different cheering groups. There was a group of people all decked out in Harry Potter costumes and lots of cheerleaders with awesome signs!

034About mile 18 Alex was starting to waver just a little bit. Instead of the normal thumbs up, we were getting the floppy so-so sideways thumb.

040Ben was the official race route expert and magnificently navigated our way to 7 different cheering locations throughout the course!

026Mile 22 – just like last year – was a rough mile for Alex. He started slowing down and the pacers were running ahead of him. We tried to stage some last cheers at the very end where he’d need it most and then we sprinted to the finish line just in time to hear his name announced as he crossed!

044Two-time marathon finisher and a new PR to boot! Alex was over 4 hours last year and this time, in the rain, he finished in 3:51 and change. CONGRATS Alex!!! We collected our sweaty congratulatory hugs and he was already thinking about next year. πŸ™‚

The rest of Sunday was spent watching the Packers lose after a miserable showing and then vegging around, taking more zinc, and drinking lots of water. This morning I’m definitely not feeling worse, but generally I always feel the best first-thing. So we’ll see. Fingers are crossed because we’re off to our honeymoon soon and I don’t want to be sick!!


4 Responses

  1. Excellent race. Congrats to Alex! Love the new haircut. It is so cute.

  2. Congrats to Alex!

    I like your new ‘do. Is your hair naturally wavy?

    I am not surprised about the BOM being slightly offensive. Sometimes I find South Park hilarious and other times pretty offensive. They walk a really fine line.

    • No, my hair is poker straight. She curled, sprayed and went through 3 different kinds of products to give it body. Not likely something that’s going to be repeatable each day! πŸ™‚

      South Park does walk a fine line. It probably also depends on what they are making fun of too since certain topics people are more sensitive to certain people than others. Promised Ben the next play we see will NOT be a musical so he can better follow along.

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