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Engagement Photos

Good morning! Holy buckets, is anyone else registering the weather change over the past week? It went from the 70s and warm to 50s and chilly. Plus, it’s officially DARK out when the alarm goes off in the morning. Fall has arrived.

I FINALLY slept all the way through the night! It’s been rough going the past week+ and I had thought that after the wedding was over I’d be sleeping like a baby… not so much. For over a week now I’ve been averaging less than 4 hours of sleep (one night was just an hour). After literally passing out in my pillow last night, I woke up cringing at the alarm and wishing it would grant me a bit more time since I was finally sleeping soundly. Hopefully I’ve broken this awful sleepless stint!

I’ve been anxiously stalking my photographers web site waiting for my wedding pictures to show up. I don’t have high hopes – we were crunched for time and didn’t get creative. Plus, family shots always take longer than you think they will. Anyways, I still promised pictures this week and I am delivering: engagement pictures!

We were definitely behind getting ours done but I put it off during school and then time became a factor and we squeezed it in a few months ago. It wasn’t a particularly fun time, I’ll be honest, but of the 75 shots he took, I do have a few I thought you all might enjoy.

Eng 7

Eng 6

Eng 3

Eng 5

Eng 4

Eng 2

Eng 1

I don’t know, I think we are pretty adorable. Sure, we didn’t get as many good shots as I had wanted, but I love any picture with Ben in it. Yeah, yeah, I know – totally biased newlywed here!!! 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Those are adorable!

  2. Yes, adorable!

  3. Excellent photos. I really love the last three.

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