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The “Rejects”

Ahhh I’ve come up for air and am able to get everyone up to speed on my wedding prep. It’s been crazy, certainly overwhelming and I am trying to calm down and enjoy it. I’ll be honest though; it’s hard.

My original plan months ago was to do a week-long countdown to the wedding and each day feature one of my many rejected wedding dresses. I thought that might be rather humorous. What’s shocking to me was how easy it was to find flaws with yourself and with dresses during the process. Obviously I had been doing so well on the weight-loss front when I began trying stuff on… only to lead to gaining back half of what I lost and now feeling more frumpy and disheveled – especially when I look back at the pictures of me in dresses last Fall. Water under the bridge now.

So without further ado – I’ll give you a SMALL sample of the dozens of dresses that were tried on enroute to finding the “perfect” dress.

#1: The “First” Dress

My older readers will remember this picture. It was the very first dress I tried on and it was “the one” in my head. I half-heartedly picked out several dresses to try on but I was 99% sure this was the one I would walk out with. It had everything I wanted: NO corset back, NOT strapless, some sparkle, zero pick-ups and a bonus of a completely covered back. I loved the lacy detail on the bottom too.  What I ended up with was an itchy mess that made my shoulders look broad, my neck look short and did nothing for my waist…


#2: The Breezy Halter Dress

My first solid contender was a flowy white halter dress with a little sparkly bling on the side. I loved the feel of the material. My entourage were decidedly not fans though – claiming the halter style devoured my shoulders and made my chest look flat and squashed (??!!). There wouldn’t be a good place for much of a necklace and I have to admit, I was feeling some pain where the neck strap was. reject #8

#3: The Organza Dress

The 2nd place we went to didn’t allow pictures, but I didn’t have any wow dresses there anyway. So that brought us to wedding store #3 where, on a quiet Friday afternoon, I tried on every single dress they had that was either my size, a size smaller, or two sizes larger. We narrowed it down to three potential options – all on clearance and all uber-cheap.

The organza dress was two sizes to big but really pretty. I loved how it shimmered when the light caught it. The seamstress insisted she could add straps that would look as if they were supposed to be there. Please ignore my beautiful bra straps! I thought this dress made my waist look nice and tiny… but I really didn’t like the straight across neckline. Still, for $400, it was a definite contender.

Organza Dress

#4: The Silk Dress

For whatever reason, I really loved the color of this dress. It looked rich and creamy and I preferred the slight sweetheart neckline over something more boxy. The only issue was, in certain light, the rouching around the waist ended up looking pretty awful and kind of cheap. The material was soft and pretty and another bargain dress at $525.

Silk Dress

#5: The Dress with the Detachable Train

Call me crazy but I LOVED this dress when I first put it on. It was TWO sizes to small but had this amazing scalloped beadwork on the bottom and was a light and simple dress… with a train that you could detach for after the ceremony! It was also just $300 and I started thinking about how many months I had before the wedding, how much more weight I thought I could lose, and whether or not I thought I could make it fit. Looking back, I would never fit into it today and even then I decided the risk was too high to buy.

reject #7

#6: The Rule-Breaker

This was the dress that made me giggle every single time I tried it on. In fact, the first time I put it on, I didn’t want to take it off. I loved the lace, I loved the neckline, I loved everything about it… except it broke a cardinal rule: it was strapless. I’ll admit, I spent lots of time swirling in the mirror thinking how beautiful it was and how I wished I had a thinner body and a not-so-chunk set of arms. It probably also didn’t help that I tried this on at my lowest weight and it was a size too small – pulling everything in extra tight and making me look so skinny and cute. Check out my waist!! Even after I picked out my wedding dress, I would come back to pictures of this dress – probably too much – and should have known even back then that the dress I picked out wasn’t really “the one”
 reject #3

#7: THE Dress – Part One

As I was prancing around in my lace masterpiece, I found a mannequin with another lace dress by the same designer. It was a whopping 4 sizes bigger but I put it on, clamped myself in, and declared it my wedding dress. It had nice, wide straps, no corset, no pickups, and seemed simple and elegant. Don’t get me wrong, I think the dress is pretty – but looking back I realize it only served to check off my requirements. It didn’t feel really special and didn’t have much of a “wow” factor (to me at least). My mom adored it (it was the first dress we both agreed on) and I put the deposit down right on the spot. As you all know now, the dress arrived and I had gained too much weight – so it no longer fit and either required some binge dieting or the addition of a corseted back. Ech.

reject #1

So that brings us through the first wave of dress shopping and my original wedding dress selection. I’m surprised it’s taking me longer to recap this than I thought, so I think I’ll finish up tomorrow. What a lot of dresses! It was definitely a crazy experience. I NEVER EVER want to try on another wedding dress again!!! 🙂 I need to scoot off to work or I’ll be late. Have a great day everyone!






2 Responses

  1. I have to say, the rulebreaker is my favorite of the rejects!

  2. I know! If only I was still that thin now. I went back and tried it on again to see if I could order it online and have it arrive in time… and oh boy, it looked horrid! Couldn’t believe what the extra pounds did to me. 🙂

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