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Less than a Hand to Go!

4 days

It definitely feels like we’re in the home stretch now folks! I’ll apologize in advance to you all right now because I have no idea what the quality or frequency of my posts will look like this week. I’d like to think I’ll be a rock star and have some kind of colorful commentary during this wedding process but I’m finding sometimes even the best laid plans run amuck. So bear with me. 🙂

My rose bush hit a second stride! I had blooms back in the late Spring when I purchased it and I had thought that would be the end of flowers until next year… but I walked outside over the weekend and was absolutely floored to see all this new action!!!


I’m wondering if the stems aren’t strong enough to hold such large blooms. Maybe I can get some kind of rose cage to help hold and support the plant. More research for next year!


I am just in love with this color rose! I want tons of different colors eventually but these full, satiny butter yellows are just glorious. (barefoot on the rocks too – the sacrifices I make for a photo 😉 )

We had a bit of a snafu yesterday. We went to pick up the card box from Ben’s parents’ house. I saw a picture several months ago and it was a homemade box shaped like a little chapel. When we went to pick it up we realized it was made of solid wood, 4 times larger than we had thought, and takes two people to lift!! I called my mom and dad over for advice and we all agreed it was just too big. So today my parents are scrambling around to make me a replacement card box. We have to have it ready to go at 5pm so we can take it to the reception hall for our final appointment at 6 tonight. Nothing like the last minute!!

I’m trying to take pictures of everything so I can (eventually) catch you all up to speed. Over the weekend I got all the favors boxed up and labeled, the gift boxes assembled, the remaining centerpiece items purchased, and (with the exception of the card box still being under construction) the rest of the gift table décor ready to go.

Weight loss was a fail. Teeth whitening was a fail too. I even tried a couple wrap treatments that are supposed to help tighten and tone… and those were an expensive fail. At this point… well all I can do is laugh and hope my double chin and large-than-life stomach will somehow appear enduring in my wedding photos. Maybe I’ll start another diet after the wedding. (I think I am the only person ever to do that!)

So this rest of the week is looking something like this: final meeting with the hall tonight, grandpa arrives tomorrow + house cleaning, tux fittings and cookie baking on Wednesday, massages, nails, and the rehearsal on Thursday – and then the big day.

And I’m still praying the weather turns around. Why can’t we just swap Saturday’s forecast with Friday’s?? PLEASE!

4 day wedding forecast


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  1. You will make a beautiful bride and everything will fall into place come wedding day. The unfortunate part is that you most likely won’t remember most of the day. It’s such a world-wind that you plan so much for then it’s over way too quickly. Try to relish every moment, even the challenges of getting it all together. It will be wonderful!

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