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Whitestrip Trauma

9 daysWe’re officially into the single digits for the wedding countdown now. Is that crazy or is that ridiculous (or both)? All I keep thinking is “holy buckets”. Since we’re less than 10 days out now, I braved a quick glance at the extended forecast – and cringed.

wedding weather

Oh goodie, super cold AND rain. //sarcasm// My only consolation at this point is that maybe it will improve as we get a bit closer. If that’s the final outcome though, we’ll be getting married inside and all my pretty picture and outdoor ceremony ideas will have to be waved good bye. Fingers, toes, hair, and eyes are crossed!

I purchased a pack of crest white strips from Costco thinking a little whitening and razzle-dazzle would be nice for pictures. My engagement photos were a little more yellow than I wanted (hello coffee lover!) so this seemed like a reasonable thing to do. I was looking for something like this (with the whitening and then the touch-up strips):


However the only thing Costco had was the 14 day white strips and then a 4-pack of one hour white strips. Since I still have plenty of time to whiten, I tried the first of the 14 day strips last night. I have to admit, they really have improved the adhesive on the strips – those suckers don’t move an inch! They need to work on making the gel taste more like berries or mint though. 🙂

This morning I’m having some severe sensitivity on two of my teeth. Ironically, my left front tooth and then the small tooth right below it. Yowzers!! I guess that means no whitening tonight, I’ll need to take a day off to recover. I am not sure if I notice too much of a difference after just the one application, but I’ll keep you posted on progress.

We’re still getting strawberries – even this late in the year! I fully admit these are not super-sweet and I’m hoping it’s because it’s the first year (and late year) crop. Even so, they’d be good for smoothies or whatever even if they end up not being really sweet… and they are growing so well!


My beauties up close:


I’m also noticing a last resurgence of rose blossoms. They had seemed to be completely done a few weeks ago and now we have blooms again! It’s the most wonderful thing ever. Now, if only we could get those darn bugs off of them…



Guess what I’ll be extensively researching over the Winter months??? 🙂 Those suckers are going away! We didn’t have them in prior years so I’m not sure what drew them in…

Tonight we have our monthly happy hour with my ex co-workers. Tomorrow is the first regular season Packer game of the year! Exciting stuff!!

Off to find some lukewarm water to drink that won’t hurt my teeth…. ouchie!





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