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Flying into September

*screeeech* !! September, how did you get here so fast? Wow – it’s been a whirlwind the past couple weeks and here it is already Tuesday (and September 2nd) and that feels crazy.

We tackled a bunch off the wedding list: rings have been successfully fitted and purchased, all of the wedding favors have been purchased and assembled, last-minute teeth whitening has been purchased (but not started) and the DJ has all of our music lists. Plus, we only have 4 RSVPs that we never got back and I’m OK with that for giving us a ballpark number of guests.

I wish I’d been more successful on my goals though. I only managed 65 miles on my 100 mile pedometer challenge. I also didn’t lose any weight. In fact, I may actually have GAINED a pound. Whoops! It’s funny that when I get pressed for time and stressed – exercise and healthy eating are the first things to go out the window for me. At some point, that’s got to change.

My long weekend went something like this…

Friday I had my final dress fitting. My matron of honor was there to learn how to strap me in and bustle me up, so I’ll be all set to pick it up the morning of the wedding! I definitely have more back fat than I would have wished… but it’s too late to cry over spilled milk, right?

We met my parents for dinner at a new-to-us restaurant. We had a great Groupon deal and got some yummy eats!

The soon-to-be bride & groom:

(wow, I’m really starting to look uber-chubby again :/ )


My parents:


Everyone’s meal started with a beautiful salad:

012My Dad went with the T-bone and shrimp dinner:


And the rest of us went with the filet (my usual go-to meal selection):


Everything was really good and the veggies were awesome. A lot of times you get your meat and potato but no additional vegetable other than the salad, so it was nice to get an extra serving.


Saturday I shopped around for red scatter beads to use inside my centerpiece vases – and came up empty handed. I guess white, green, and blue are the only colors around anymore. I also met up with my bridesmaid Mel and we grabbed a light lunch and did some shopping. Lunch was 1/2 a roasted turkey sandwich with cranberry cream cheese and sprouts with a side of curried chicken and rice. The side was amazing – I need to learn how to make side dishes like this!


Then I went to my hairdresser and got just a few highlights put in my hair (hoping to help make it look fuller than it is) and got my eyebrows waxed. Holy crap! I’ve only gotten a wax one other time and it was pretty easy and quick. This girl was not as efficient and it felt like she kept poking at the same spots over and over. Now I have a lovely, large scab right under my left eyebrow. –sigh– Hopefully that will heal before the wedding… Maybe I should have stayed with my large, bushy things after all.


We had awesome weather on Sunday and for whatever reason the only thing I wanted to do was to start weeding out the garden. I grabbed my garden gloves and a black garbage bag and got to work pulling out some of the dead plants.

and picked the final zucchini of the year


From there… I pulled random prickers and thistles around the yard and then glanced at Ben mowing the yard. My crabapple trees are getting so large that the branches are dipping down and making it a challenge to mow through. So before I knew what I was getting into, I started hacking away… and hacking… and hacking…




I ended up with quite the pile and two arms covered in scratches and assorted mosquito bites. We ended up borrowing a friend’s truck to haul everything away. I was a TIRED gal by the end of this. But now all the tree branches are higher up and easier to mow around.


It was rainy most of yesterday and we spent the day cleaning inside, doing laundry, and grocery shopping – typical Sunday activities. It feels really weird now because today should be Monday… but it’s not. It will probably take me a day or two to get my internal calendar straightened back out again. 🙂 We wrapped up the weekend with a last-minute invite for spaghetti with some friends. We got home at 9pm, showered, and conked out at 10pm.

And that brings us to today, just TEN days away from the wedding. How did it get here so fast and how do I stay calm until then???!!!




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  1. Stay calm and enjoy this week! Sounds like you are pretty prepared 😀

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