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Getting Crazier

15It’s turning into one of those times in life where you are double-checking every little thing you do because your mind has so many lists and to-dos going on that you can’t remember where you are. Last night I went downstairs twice to shut the patio door. 🙂 Noodle brain!

Ben seemed to tweak his back earlier this week – he’s has some lingering on-again / off-again pain ever since one of our first boot camp classes months ago where he was doing a burpee and over-extended his back. Not good. That required a last minute stop at the chiropractor and luckily she was able to squeeze him in. I’ve gotta tell you, I don’t have a good doctor or hairdresser but I’m so thankful for my chiropractor. She’s amazing. ❤

Last night Ben got home, we raced over for his adjustment, and then we were driving to our wedding locale to meet with our officiate for the last time. We have most of the final ceremony details ironed out and I can cross that off the list. By the time we got home I was starving – and our fantasy football draft had already begun. I didn’t have time to join in and let the computer auto-draft for me. We’ll see how I do…

I finally got a good night’s sleep last night and my brain is starting to feel less foggy. Posts may be sporadic these next couple weeks. Tomorrow I’m having my final dress fitting and getting some highlights in my hair. My hair loss has definitely slowed down but I’m still losing more than normal. I’m hoping some highlights will help give the illusion of more fullness. Plus, I didn’t want to go the fake hair route. We’ll see how it turns out.

Looking like a nice night tonight – hopefully I can get outside for a walk. The exercise has been painfully low these past couple weeks. I’m trying to go easy on myself with my leg pain but I’m itching to take advantage of the last weeks of nice evening weather (when it’s light enough TO walk after work!).

Off and running – happy Thursday!!!


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