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The Humid Packer Game

I almost titled today’s post “The Hunger Games” but couldn’t figure out how to make that work into the post at all. Ha!

So the weekend of humidity and window-fogging has come to a close. Today it’s supposed to be less humid with a high of 76. Umm yes please! My uncle sent us 4 tickets to last Friday’s pre-season game and since it was the 3rd game where the starters play a bit longer, we thought that was worth the heat/humidity. I’m not sure why but every time we go to an August game, it’s always super hot and sticky. πŸ™‚

Since the new rules not allowing purses larger than a wallet, I opted to leave everything at home and have Ben be the official photographer on his phone. It’s pretty amazing how the quality has improved over time. Makes me amazed regular cameras are still so pricey.

This was Ben’s panoramic shot. I love the guy in the blue hat with half of his body missing. πŸ˜‰


Don’t ask me to take a self-portrait. My arms are too short and the button on the phone made it harder to get a normal shot.


It was a fun game though. We invited one of Ben’s co-workers and he and his wife were fun and laid back. There always is so much more excitement and energy when you are AT a game versus watching from home. Of course, getting a beverage or using the bathroom is more convenient at home. πŸ˜‰


The first quarter was pretty sticky and humid but after the sun started to go down we picked up a little breeze and all felt much, much better. Plus, it’s hard to have too much of a problem when the Packers were rolling over the Raiders. Feels good to win – even in preseason!


We left after the third quarter and began the trek back to find the car. We parked in some guy’s front yard and had to remember which street it was on. It was a bit of an adventure and luckily no other cars were parked next or in front of us. A lot of times people try and cram as many cars into their front and side lawns as possible and you are stuck waiting for the drivers to come back so you can get home. Not this time – plus cheap parking ($10). Overall win.

Wouldn’t you know, we also have tickets to the Jets game on Sept 14th – but we decided early on that trying to take on another game the same weekend as the wedding was biting a bit too much off. Since we don’t know who will still be in town or how the wedding will go, Ben and I thought it might be better to use Sunday to wind down a bit.

I am all signed up for my fantasy football team. I’m 100% positive I’ll do better than last year *dead last*. Can’t wait for the start of regular season!!



2 Responses

  1. I really, really hope the Packers beat the Seahawks for the season opener!!

    My windows phone takes amazing pictures. I hardly ever use my digital camera any more LOL

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