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Into the teens


Hello and happy Monday everyone! I hope the weekend was restful, relaxing, and maybe even a bit exciting. I’m coming off of one of those nights where your brain won’t shut off and you spend most of the night wide awake tossing and turning. I think maybe I got close to 2 hours of sleep – and I feel it this morning. Need coffee ASAP!

Today is the “hot” day – one of the hottest this summer in fact. All weekend has been really thick and humid but today is the worst yet. Luckily it’s also the last day before the front pushes through cooler weather. How about 20 degrees cooler by Thursday:

20 degree drop

That might feel downright chilly – but I’m looking forward to it. I love the range of temps from 60-75 the most, so this will be wonderful. Lots of rain lately though… and that’s making me nervous. As long as it stays away on wedding day I’ll be OK.

Now that we’re under the 3-week mark, I’m starting to panic and make lists of everything that’s left to do. The trouble is, I keep thinking I’m forgetting stuff. That’s probably typical I’d imagine. This week we need to pick up our wedding bands (they are here!!), meet with the pastor for the final time, and get down to City Hall to pick up our marriage license.

We’ve been swimming in zucchini and bell peppers right now and they manifest themselves at dinner almost every night. Last night Ben grilled chicken breasts and then we used a veggie grill pan to cook up zucchini, yellow squash, onion, and green pepper – all from the garden! I can’t get enough of the garden produce and I really have loved using the grill pan to cook the vegetables. It’s definitely a delicious new way to eat them.


Ok, I am beat. Time to wrap this up, grab a cup of coffee and head to work. Hopefully I don’t need to take a lunchtime power nap to stay functioning! šŸ™‚


2 Responses

  1. Maybe it’s something about this time of year.. I’ve had trouble sleeping as well, up about 4 times per night. It’s exhausting!
    Can’t believe your day is so close! How exciting!!!!

  2. Relax and enjoy all the anticipation for the wedding!

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