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Just 3 Weeks

21Three weeks now folks. Can you believe it? I’ve definitely maxed out on my share of sweat and tears during the planning but in the end I have to keep reminding myself that it is a mere blip on the radar. There are so many articles, books, planning guides, and magazines about how to have the perfect wedding – “the most important day of your life” – but what about all the days after that? Shouldn’t even more focus and energy be on having a good, solid marriage?

Like any clueless person searching for wedding ideas, I occasionally come across a little gem. I loved this so much that I thought I would use today’s post to share with you. Maybe some of you aren’t married yet, maybe some of you are married but struggling with some day-to-day stuff that feels overwhelming. I think there’s value here and even for people not working on creating their perfect day, the thing to remember is that it’s just a day. Life shouldn’t be so defined by that one moment – no life should be. Read on from a snippet of the article Anne Almasy wrote for the huffingtonpost:

“If your wedding day is the most important day of your life, you are bound for a future of insignificance and monotony.

Yes, your wedding day marks the start of a new journey, the establishment of a new family. But it is just one important day in your life.

You will have other parties. You will make new friends. Your family will grow with the addition of cats and dogs and maybe even real human children. You will buy a house, travel to amazing places, get your dream job.

Your life will be full of so many wonderful, terrible, important days, that eventually your wedding will fade to a sweet haze of a memory, with only your photographs to recall your dad’s mismatched socks or your cake with the very definite lean to the left.

When you find yourself panicking because your invitations look more purple than eggplant, it’s time to stop, take a deep breath, and remember that this isn’t the most important day. Your wedding day is one very important day in a series of important days that will make up all the days of your very full, very rich, very wonderful life.”

wedding ring
I wish all of you a rich, wonderful, and happy life! (And a happy weekend too!!) 🙂


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