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Thunder & Lightning


Last night we had a full-blown, bon-a-fide thunder and lightning storm. We’ve had such a lack of rain this summer and I was talking to Ben last night and we couldn’t even recall the last time there was a thunder storm. Usually we get a few decent ones each year. But there was lots of great wind, rain, and action. I love summer rain storms.

My BFF Kari was in town from NY and we met up for a little shopping and catch-up. Our first stop was Barnes & Noble so she could find a book to keep her company on the plane ride back. We passed up on this gem in the clearance rack:


Are you surprised I didn’t even bother to flip it over and read the back? Maybe at the rock-bottom price of $2.98 it will fly off the shelf soon.

Last night’s bounty before the rain kicked in:


Food you grow yourself just tastes better. 🙂

I cracked open the windows to let the noise and a bit of air in and then settled down for another 2 hours of horror (otherwise known as Bachelor in Paradise). It’s a trainwreck and now that I’m watching, I can’t turn away. The nice thing is at all the commercials I do some kind of exercise. Some times I’d walk 3 loops around the downstairs of the house, or work my triceps, deltoids, or abs. There were crunches and leg raises, and it felt pretty good to keep moving with the nice breaks in between, Plus, when all was said and done, I added another 3,000 steps to my pedometer. I’ll take it!

Ben’s taking me out for dinner tonight and I’m excited! Maybe I’ll try and find the menu online over lunch and figure out what I want to order ahead of time. Does anyone else do that??

24 days to go!



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