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20 Weeks? You’re Killing Me ;)

Has anyone seen the humorous(?), sad(?), ridiculous(?) posts on Facebook about there only being 20 Fridays left until Christmas? CHRISTMAS?? Now I admit I’m a bit over-the-top when it comes to the holiday in general, but when it’s sunny and 75 degrees outside, it’s the last thing I want to think about. 🙂

I have been noticing the first tell-tale Fall notes though. It got really cold overnight – down into the low 50s. But this is that wonderful sweet spot of the year where the nights cool down so you can open windows and get the fresh air in yet it’s warm during the day so you can enjoy the sunshine.

My uncle sent us tickets to the Packers pre-season game next week Friday. We had tickets for the Jets game in Sept – but thought it was ambitious to scamper off to the game on the heels of our wedding (especially not knowing what family/friends would still be in town). So we’re passing on the regular game and opting for the preseason one instead.

I had my lovely check-in with the dentist last night. No cavities and now they are all sparkling clean so I can look into some at-home teeth whitening before the wedding. (The silly things women do…)

I got home and Ben declared that it was a taco day, so we walked the 2+ miles to the little Mexican place. Wouldn’t you know it though, on the way home my leg started bugging me again. I’ve been slacking on the foam rolling and as painful as it is, it makes SUCH a big difference. 


A lot of people are intimidated by foam rolling but there are so many tutorials online that you can’t go wrong. Of course, if you don’t have a foam roller, you can use other items to help as well – I’ve seen people use tennis balls to work out knots in their shoulders.

Tonight I’m taking Ben in for his first ever chiropractic adjustment. Welcome to the wonderful world Ben! 😉 The more exercising you do, the more likely you are to develop some muscles more than others, or get tight and not have things stretch correctly – which is why both massage and chiropractic can be wonderful helps in recovery. I’m excited for Ben to get a little snap, crackle, pop tonight.

29 days to go. Holy Moly Cow.



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  1. Foam rolling is the best/worst thing ever!!! And ewwww about the Christmas countdown! School hasn’t even started yet!

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