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Greening Up!

Oh boy did we need that rain yesterday! It stopped mid-way into the morning and by 3pm – it had turned into a beautiful and sunny day. Not a lot of humidity, just nice summer weather. Has anyone else noticed the days starting to get a bit shorter? I haven’t noticed in the evening too much (yet) but I am noticing it’s darker when I get up in the morning. Luckily, it’s still pretty light by the time I drive to work. Maybe that’s a sign I need to get another bike-to-work event planned before it’s too late!

My Facebook page continues to be flooded with posts about Robin Williams – and now Lauren Bacall too. Last night we had a team happy hour with our old boss (we just switched to a new boss last week) and were trying to figure out what our favorite Robin Williams film was. I’m a toss up between Jumanji and Good Will Hunting. I’ve seen both many, many times. 🙂 Has anyone seen Good Morning, Vietnam? That came up a few times last night and I’ve never seen it.

As for Lauren Bacall… that’s an easy one. Maybe it’s a funny pick too, I don’t know. Growing up we used to visit the local library all the time and they had the best selection (better than the rental places) for classic movies. So we’d pick one each week and one night became the family movie night. Dad would make two huge bowls of popcorn and we’d all curl up and watch. So my Bacall movie comes from that era in my life (don’t I sound old?).

How to Marry a Millionaire


It’s definitely dated – I mean just look at their hair and outfits! But for whatever reason, any movie I saw as a child/teen seems to be one that I love more than anything I’ve seen as an adult. Except, maybe, for the LOTR series. 🙂 And anything new from Jane Austen…

I got home late last night after the happy hour and then a brief(?) trip to Michaels to look for some more centerpiece floral greenery. I ended up poking through the aisles for almost 2 hours and then just gave up and bought what I had in my cart. Luckily I’m not putting them together because the $60 centerpieces they have look gorgeous and nothing in my cart looked like it could resemble anything like that at all. On the way back home I realized I left my sunglasses at the store so it was a quick whip-around to go back and find them. Whoops.

But when I finally got home I had just enough light to check on the garden. Things are looking so much better now that we had some decent rain! I’m sure all the plants got a much more thorough soaking then what I can manage with my couple buckets of water.

I’m now able to pick strawberries too! It would seem late for them (and it is) but I kept pulling the flowers off all summer so the plant would grow heartier for winter. Now they are nice and lush and I’m able to enjoy the late blooms!


I didn’t feel like too much for dinner, so I cut up a pineapple and ate most of that. I love pineapple but Ben hates it, so we don’t keep them around the house that much. He’s a melon guy and for whatever reason, we haven’t had that in the house yet this summer. Maybe this weekend??


So now we’re in the final stages of wedding planning/mayhem which means I’m putting together my remaining to-do lists. Somehow it still feels like a whole lot to do! I wish people would get their RSVPs back because it would really help with the planning. 🙂 Hopefully we get a rapid influx soon.

I’m off to the dentist after work and if the weather is nice tonight, I’m heading for a walk. Should be perfect for it!


What’s your favorite Robin Williams or Lauren Bacall movie???


2 Responses

  1. We’re in for a some rainy days.. I think you sent it our way 😉
    Strawberries and pineapple look delish!
    As for favorite RW movies, I don’t have a favorite. I just really liked Robin Williams in everything he did. So sad. As for LB, not sure I’ve ever seen any of her movies. Not into the oldies 🙂

  2. My to-do list was pages long at the end because so much has to be done right before the big day! Best of luck with it! 🙂

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