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Friday – you’re almost here!

Don’t you have it when you get exciting news – or something exciting is upcoming – but it will take forever to arrive? Well that’s how I feel right now because the family just found out (and decided) that we’d all go to LA next July. Any idea why???

Click here to find out!

I’m jumping off the wall right now in excitement – and we have 11 full months to go yet! It’s hard to wait for good things to happen… πŸ™‚

Remember those delicious-looking cherries from Door County? Well pie was definitely on the list and Mom had us over for more of her delicious dessert.


Ben’s favorite dessert is pie. I got a few pie plates at the bridal shower, so he’s hoping I make some for him in the future. Isn’t that just delicious-looking? A sprouted wheat crust loaded with plump, red cherries.


And no proper slice of double-crust pie is complete without a generous dollop of vanilla bean ice cream!


I could probably eat pie every day and be perfectly content. My waistline might not be, but I sure would! Sweets = happiness. Honestly, I need to channel all this sugar love into sweat/exercise love so I can be a chiseled Greek goddess or something. πŸ˜‰

Tonight we’re meeting up with my “family” of former co-workers for happy hour dinner. I spy a burger and fries in my future!! Tuesday is ONE month until the wedding so I decided to enjoy this week and buckle down to tone up a bit more this last month.

Meanwhile – wooo hooo for LA!!


One Response

  1. Pie is John’s favorite dessert πŸ˜€

    I can empathize with the waiting, that’s for sure LOL!

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