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Experimenting with Black Beans

It was a few weeks ago when I went over to my girlfriend’s house for dinner and she made veggie burgers. It was a departure for her and her husband who had never had any kind of non-meat burger before and it was a new brand for Ben and me.

I loaded mine with cheese and sprouts – and it was delicious! Costco sells them in a large family size and my plan was to head over and get a box for home. A simple pop in the oven and they’re done – now that’s my kind of easy dinner!!


Unfortunately when we got to the store and checked out the label, I couldn’t follow through with buying them after all. 😦 These burgers have a decent amount of protein and fiber thanks to the beans, but they also contain two forms of MSG. Whomp Whomp. So since then we’ve had it on the list to try and make our own.


I got home from Body Pump last night and got to work making some black bean burgers. There are tons of recipes out there but I used Emily’s since I’ve read her blog forever and am loyal that way. A quick spin in the blender and she was good to go.


I ended up needing a bit more oil than the recipe called for (twice as much) to get them to be moist enough to stick together. Even then, there was some definite breakage. These are brittle burgers.


We cooked them for 20 minutes in the oven and then finished them on the grill for a bit more “grill taste”. We did another topping of cheese and sprouts and dug in. The cinnamon in these wasn’t my favorite – for a mock burger anyway – and if I made them again I think I’d omit that. I also think it needs some kind of sauce on top. I am not a ketchup fan but some kind of ranch or a cool, creamy dressing of some sort would have made this really, really good.


Served with beanie weanies from the garden!!!

At Body Pump class I upped the weight a bit on both my chest and tricep tracks. I used to struggle doing each set with 5lbs on each side but I boldly amped it up on the chest over the last two weeks and last night I struggled through with 10lbs! I also upped the triceps to 71/2lbs. I had to take a couple quick breaks but when you can get through it just fine then that’s really the time to push yourself a bit farther, right?

On the wedding front, I emailed my jeweler about trying to make some wedding band headway. I also am not sure what to do with all my extra invitations. Was thinking of removing the RSVP, Invite, and Accommodations cards and then putting them on craigslist for someone who is having a smaller wedding and only needs 40 or so…


Our groomsmen suits have all been ordered and that’s now crossed off the list as well. One of Ben’s guys is coming from Japan and got his measurements done in Japanese. We got the sheet in cm instead of inches and have been working on converting it. 🙂

My dapper groom…


Some variations we’ve been working through…

012 013 011

I’m still excited about our wedding programs. They arrived on Monday and look awesome! I used a template from a Facebook friend and made a ton of changes – then uploaded a picture and was worried the quality would look a bit distorted, but they look awesome.

I still need to track down my “something borrowed”. Was planning to borrow a veil, hair clip, or headpiece from any of my girlfriends but all of them got married in ivory / diamond white dresses and I need white. So the search continues there. I also need to do some menu planning. If I’m going to be serious about losing some weight this month, I need a plan!

Here I scoot, off to work! Happy Wednesday!


4 Responses

  1. I need to get back on the weight loss track… I am so bad at holding myself accountable!!! You’re doing wonderfully with the wedding planning 🙂 Ben looks great!

  2. I’ve made black bean burgers that I love but can’t get my meat eating hubby to like them. 😦
    The tux details look great. I love the burst of red!

    • Did Ted try them but not like the taste or could you not even get him to try a bite? I’d love the recipe if you still have it! Ben is learning to be more adventurous (me too).

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