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August Goals

We’re 5 days into August already. Holy moly, how does that even happen?! July seemed like a fast month but somehow I get the feeling that August will fly by even quicker. I was thinking it would be a good idea to set some goals this month so that I’d have some tangible stuff to work towards during this craziness.

1. Hit 100 miles this month

I was well over the 100 miles when I did the 4 week challenge in July but I’d like to keep the momentum going. Plus it never hurts to get in a little more exercise while I’m trying not to gain weight before the wedding

2. Hit the gym 8 times & walk 4 times

This is another momentum goal. Without boot camp anymore, I want to keep up with the gains I’ve made. The gym class schedule isn’t as great but the plan is to hit classes twice a week and then once a week go for a long walk. This will mimic the 3x a week we were going to boot camp.

3. Find a wedding band

This seems ridiculous because with time constraints I had decided to give up finding a band and getting some cheap, temporary thing from Walmart. But rather than invest time hunting for something that’s cheap and buying it (even if it’s only $10 – it’s still an unnecessary $10) I think I need to invest some time and find my wedding band. That way I’ll be able to cross it off the list and be done with it all.

4. Lose 5 pounds

Honestly, this will be the hardest. 5 pounds won’t affect my dress fittings at all but I think, psychologically, it will make me feel better on the wedding day. There’s a lot of delectable things to eat this time of year – plus my birthday in a few weeks too – so there’s a challenge, but I’d like to work towards it anyway. It can’t hurt anything, right?

So those should be some good goals for the month. It would be exciting to hit all of them! 🙂

Last night it looked like rain was finally coming, but it swung by and missed us again. It’s been so patchy that a couple of days our next-door neighbor has had rain and our driveway has remained dry. Crazy? But we’ve got nothing on California and their drought issues. That’s got to be devastating for the farmers… I read an article this morning about an orange grove owner who had to bulldoze 500 acres of oranges because they died from lack of water. Makes you wonder what will happen to them in the next couple of years and how far-reaching it will be with limited food and higher prices for those on strict budgets.

But now we have a picture of my sweetie to brighten up the post:


Ben grilled hamburgers for dinner last night while I blanched some green beans (from the garden, yay!) and made sweet potato / cauliflower mash. We usually like to work our way through some kind of TV series on Netflix while we eat and we’re looking at some of the survivor-type shows like “Survivorman” and “Man vs. Wild”


I’ve got Body Pump after work tonight and that will knock the first exercise session off the goals list. Oddly enough, I’m looking forward to pumping it up. Gotta work on those guns, baby! 😉


2 Responses

  1. Great goals! It’s funny, we had wedding bands that we liked from Zales that had diamonds in them. John lost his and we got these replacement rings from a local artist for $15 each. They are a celtic knot (you probably have seen it on the blog). We get more compliments about these rings than we ever did with our other bands LOL!

  2. You can do it, girl!!! We can hold each other accountable!

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