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Don’t Wake Me Up

Whoa, you know what’s killer? Getting up at 5:30am when you’ve been enjoying sleeping in until 7 or 8am for the past 9 days. It’s rough getting back after a vacation, isn’t it? 🙂

Ok, well we left off yesterday talking about our fun day trip wine tasting in Door County. I had picked my three favorite wineries from our girl’s day trip earlier this year and then we added one additional stop to a winery that had been closed when we girls had tried before.


Some of the wineries are odd because you walk in and there’s nothing in the entire open room except the circular bar with the bartender in the middle selling wine samples. Then they have one or two small racks of wines tucked into the corner of the room. It’s weird. Plus, with so many wineries in Door County offering free samples – I’ve eschewed any that make me pay $5 for stuff I’ll more than likely not like. Luckily there is more than enough of the fun wineries, with interesting artwork and sculptures, to keep us busy!


One winery has the walls packed full of fun little wooden signs. I laughed at this one. Since I’ve never been skinny – I blame it ON my love of the following: 😉


We stocked up on coffee and then made a final stop for Mom.


It’s cherry season in Door County!

Cherry picking was in full swing and it was absolutely beautiful driving by orchard after orchard with rows of cherry trees bright red and laden with cherries.


We decided on a super-quick picking expedition to get a pail of tart cherries for pie-making. First up – obligatory pictures:


With 4 people picking quickly, we were finished in no time! Mmmm cherries


I’ve never been a fan of plain cherries – but I rarely buy them in the store anyway. Usually I like them in some kind of pastry or dessert.


It was a beautiful day for picking though… and the day flew by so that it felt like we’d just arrived when we were heading back over the bridge towards home.


Tons of boaters taking advantage of the sunshine too.


Even though the weather guy promised rain and overcast conditions, we totally lucked out. But that’s been the case this whole summer. There’s been lots of promises of rain followed by tons of overcast and menacing clouds but no actual rain fall.


Pretty evening skies…


We didn’t get a whole lot of wine (we still have a TON left) but Ben got two bottles that he’d sampled and enjoyed and I bought something fun that I wanted for the wedding.

Speaking of wedding – we now have less than 40 days to go. Crazy.

Ok, off to get the work week started!



4 Responses

  1. Your day trip to Door County looks fun. Everyone I know who has gone to Door County have made numerous trips there. My husband would love the cherry picking orchards. Do you know how long the season is for picking? Yes, it is hard to get back in the groove of getting up earlier when you have been able to sleep in.

  2. I’ve always loved our wine tasting day trips. Even though NYS doesn’t have the type of wines we like, it’s always fun to travel around wine country (the Fingerlakes).
    You’re so lucky to get all those cherries! Look out kitchen, it’s Pie Time!

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