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Soaking up the Last Day

Everything that rocks always goes by so quickly, have you ever noticed that? Summer weather, vacation, a great day – they just zoom right on past and we blink and they are over. I’ve been trying to slow this vacation down and take time to relax. That’s not the easiest thing for me, especially with a wedding just 40 (forty!!!) days away, but I’m doing my best.

One of the best things this week is that Ben took Thursday and Friday off of work and we picked up my folks and made our way to Door County for another day trip. The weather looked ominous but it turned out to be perfect!

Our first stop was to take the folks to the Bluefront so they could sample our favorite Door County fare. They have such a fun menu but I always eat the same exact thing. Boring – but delicious!!! I get the turkey sandwich on the black bean salsa bread.


Ben is more adventurous and will pick different things to try. This time he went with their grass fed organic burger with pepper jack cheese and some caramelized onions.



My dad chose the turkey mango club sandwich. I sneaked a little bite and whoa was that good. I might get that the next time we’re in town!!!



And my mom chose their spinach salad with bacon, blue cheese, walnuts, beets and a blood orange balsamic vinaigrette. Her salad came out without the vinaigrette at first and we had to track our waitress down to get some. Once it arrived, Mom declared her salad spectacular!



With full bellies we headed further up the Peninsula and hit a few of the wineries. I won’t say I’m a wine freak by any means, but it’s been fun finding a couple that are pretty tasty. Still, it feels like a rather expensive hobby(?), indulgence(?), etc… All the places we went to had wines around $10 a bottle going upwards to $25 and I know in the land of wine, that’s pretty cheap. Still, I know friends who can polish off several bottles of wine an evening and do that several times per week. Not interested in that kind of habit! (heck, still trying to rid myself of my sweet tooth habit). 🙂

I love seeing all the vineyards – it makes the whole experience seem so authentic when you know you’re drinking wine from fruits that were grown literally a stone’s throw away.



It wasn’t until the first time I went to Door County that I even knew what the grape vines looked like. I had imagined a much fuller bush with large clumps of grapes throughout – not the thin vine on the bottom fanning out up top.



My happy wine tasters!!! Love you all so much! ❤




Ok, time to get cracking on laundry and last day before work stuff. will finish our trip tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!


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