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Waffle Mania

It’s been a good week of vacation so far – but already creeping by way too fast. Don’t they always though?? Yesterday I swing over to pick my brother Matt up and we spent the day lounging about together. Over the weekend Ben and I tried the waffle maker to work any kinks out – and I’m glad we did!


They give you a measuring scooper so you know how much batter to put in the iron, but that didn’t seem to work as planned…

We purchased two kinds of Bob’s Red Mill pancake/waffle mix and this was the buckwheat.



The happy waffle maker:


We have an abundance of organic fruit, maple syrup, and non-organic whipping cream for toppings.

Ben’s waffle – maple syrup, raspberries, and a huge pile of whipped cream


My waffle – maple syrup and raspberries (sniff: I’m out of peaches!!)



We learned that the recommended setting was way too high – I only like my waffles slightly crispy – not crunchy. So when Matt came over we tried the buttermilk waffle mix at a lower setting and it worked out perfectly!

Matt’s waffle – meticulously decorated:


Later in the afternoon we tried out some of my other fun shower gifts and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Matt is the master cookie baker of the family!


Nom nom nom nom – cookies!!


Cookie-eating selfie, that’s how we roll baby!


Is it really, really weird that the best part of the day (besides quality time with my bro) was that we got a bonafide downpour?


Everything’s been so crispy and dead – it was awesome to finally get a good dose of rain. I can already tell this morning that there’s a lot more green popping up in the yard among the brown grass. Ben hasn’t moved the lawn in 3 weeks!!!

Today – not much planned. I am thinking of Body Pump this afternoon but we’ll see how lazy I am. Today’s more of a lounge day by myself… so maybe I’ll tackle a light project or something.

Happy Wednesday – hope you’re having a fabulous week!!







3 Responses

  1. Waffles and toppings look great. Have a great relaxing day or whatever project you tackle.

  2. Oops, forgot about those yummy looking choc. chip cookies!!

  3. Mmmm I want waffles!! YUM!!

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