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Peach Season

I can’t believe that I’ve been gobbling down my 1/2 bushel of peaches and barely blogging about the experience. Who AM I??  Honestly, it’s probably because I’ve just been enjoying them one or two at a time and not doing a whole lot of fancy stuff with them. I’ll slice a few up to pack for lunch at work, or grab one when I need a quick snack.068


The one exception is that I gave mom a ton of them and asked her to make me a peach pie. Then I went over and had a slice with the rest of the family. To die for!!


When I was a young girl growing up, the peach guy would come up to northern WI just once a year and the lines would be really long with people scrambling to get a box before they were sold out. Mom made all kinds of awesome stuff with the peaches – peach jam, peach cobbler, peach crisp – but my favorite was her warm peach pie. How can anyone not like a slice hot from the oven with melty vanilla bean ice cream on top?!


Sometimes I wonder how Ben and I ever ended up together when the guy doesn’t like peaches. Oh well – more for me!!!

We’ve been taunted with rain in the forecast for weeks now – but it’s the time of the year where the grass is crisping up and turning brown. Every night I’ll look at the sky and see the thick, dark storm clouds rolling in and decide not to water my garden…



Only to wake up and discover it never rained and I have to go and water anyway.


Every… day… I told Ben I should just hang laundry on the line because then it definitely WOULD rain. Ha ha!!!

The eye of the non-existent storm:


I did Body Pump yesterday and eased up a bit on the squat weights but took everything a lot lower. I can feel it this morning! I also squeaked up a teensy tiny bit on the chest set and added some more weight. Working on pumping up the guns!!

Today I’m picking up Matt and we’re going to make a day of it. Can’t wait!!! Then tonight we’re meeting with our DJ to start going over the music details. 🙂




3 Responses

  1. Have a great day with Matt! Hope your music details go well with the DJ tonight. Weather is great in the upper Midwest!

  2. Forgot to mention the peaches look great. I love anything that has peaches in it.

  3. Yum on the peaches. Sometimes I think fruit is just best all on its own.

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