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Hey there – Happy Monday! I’m in vacation mode (i.e. lazy) and it’s wonderful! Ben’s not off until Thursday so I have a few days to bum around the house doing my own thing. We have a surprisingly busy week planned and I’m not sure exactly how that happened. This week was supposed to be leisurely and full of long days of nothing. But we have friends coming for dinner tonight, I have my brother Matt over tomorrow for a day of fun, Tues night we meet with our DJ, Wed night we meet with our wedding pastor, Thursday we’re heading to Door County, and Friday I have my 2nd dress fitting and am getting more peaches. How’s THAT for a leisurely week?? 🙂

Over the weekend we decided to pick Goliath, our larger-than-life bell pepper. I was going to wait until he turned yellow but we wanted to grill him up. Honestly – the biggest pepper I’ve ever seen!




We’re in a good part of the year for garden produce. I’ve got lots of green beans, the peppers are coming along nicely, and the yellow squash is starting to be ready as well. It won’t be too much longer before we get some zucchini and tomatoes too!

Last night’s dinner haul was exciting – I love pulling things out of the garden that we’ve grown. I need to start an official 2014 veggie tally so we’ll be able to see how much produce we grew this year. It’s always fun to look at savings after a full season of goods.



One of the shower gifts we received was a veggie grilling pan and we’ve already put it to use a couple times. Ben loves it. In fact, Ben has been really excited about all our shower gifts. He’s been ripping open boxes and getting things set up. It’s kinda cute. We had a friend give us wine glasses at the shower that were being mailed to our house and Ben was thrilled when they came. He ripped open the box, got them washed and hanging in the bar, and said “aren’t we fancy adults now?”. Ha – if that were all it took honey. 🙂 ❤


But getting back to the grilling of vegetables, it works pretty well. We just toss the veggies in a bit of oil with a few seasonings and then set them on the grill to do their thing.


Ben’s pouring them into the grill pan with another shower gift – our batter bowl. OK, maybe we are fancy now. 😉


We were serving the veggies alongside some chicken sausages for a lower carb dinner. While it’s not realistic all the time, I am noticing I do a better job keeping my weight even when I watch carbs a little bit more. Plus, we still have that wedding dress we need to fit into!


Ben – the master griller!


I’m not good for much on grilling nights – except for keeping Ben company and taking pictures of my feet:



The final result is a beautiful pan of dinner deliciousness. I like it when Ben chars a couple of the pieces for me – I steal all of those. I love everything about the non-winter months so much. I wish we had a winter that really was only 3 months long so we’d have more time to enjoy being outside, grilling, and messing around in the fresh air. Summer is wonderful – and it’s been cooler overall so not ridiculously hot and humid. Hip hip hurray!!!



Ok, I have just enough time to grab some breakfast and then head to the gym for BodyPump. Gotta keep up with all that strength I gained during boot camp!


4 Responses

  1. Mammoth pepper! I bet the grilled veg. right from your garden was so good.
    Love toe nail. Pretty. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you need to move yourself a little farther south LOL!

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