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The Bridal Shower

It’s shower time folks! The pictures have been trickling back to me and even though I don’t have all of them yet, I figured I’ve kept you waiting long enough.

Green Bay has lots of little towns surrounding it and one of those towns had a brand new town hall. We rented out the meeting room which was absolutely perfect for the shower. There was a nice sized kitchen just off the room and sparkling bathrooms. Plus, it was just a gorgeous day.

We had a lot of professional work done too – and it showed! Everything was just beautiful. My Mom came by to pick me up 30 minutes before the shower was set to begin and I got to say hi to the planners and take a few “before” pictures. One of Ben’s aunts used to have her own catering business. She volunteered to handle all of the food – doesn’t it all look so fancy?


There was an incredible chicken salad which several people said was the best they’d ever tasted. I asked for the recipe and she told me it was from Costco with a few additions. Hahahaha!! Love it

My maid of honor’s father owns a bakery and made me three little bridal cakes. We had strawberry swirl, amaretto, and butter cheese. The butter cheese was so addictive I could have eaten the entire cake myself!!


And finally, one of my friends works in a floral shop and made me these gorgeous centerpieces which we gave out as prizes. I love flowers – and they were in all my wedding colors too. 🙂 She’s doing the centerpieces for my wedding too and I know they’ll be beautiful as well.


I’ll readily admit I was a complete bundle of nerves before I got there. It’s definitely outside of my comfort zone to be the center of attention – plus you feel a certain pressure to live up to people’s expectations (whatever they may be) and, of course, represent Ben well to his family.

All of which can be difficult as you try to quickly and thoughtfully navigate through a mountain of presents. At first I thought there must have been some wedding wrapping paper sale at Walmart until people told me that Bed, Bath, and Beyond provides a wrapping station for people. hand, don’t you think? I never know about these things. 🙂


We ate our food and my mother led everyone in a few cute bridal games. I didn’t want anything where people would have to run around and do crazy things, so she did a cute multiple choice game about wedding traditions in other cultures and then a fun take on the “Newlywed Game”. Mom had asked ben 30 questions and I had to match his answers. I actually was super confident I was going to knock this out of the park (I know Ben really well) but… I only got 13 out of the 30 right!! Re-count, re-count!!! 🙂

Me and my MoH:


As people finished their cake, I got started unwrapping gifts. It felt like Christmas – in July. I ended up, oddly enough, with a few duplicate gifts off my registry. No problem though – I have tons of stuff left on there that we really want so we’ll swap out for anything we end up not getting.


We had bridal bingo for the guests where they crossed off items that I unwrapped. We had three almost immediate winners… and found out they used their smart phones to sneak a peek at my registry. Girls!!!


With 15 minutes or so left, the man of the hour showed up to a round of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. One of the trivia questions asked was my favorite Christmas song and I explained how Ben hates it when I bellow carols in the car – in October. So we thought we’d freak him out with a Christmas tune. It worked. 🙂

He was all smiles though when he discovered one of the gifts had HIS name on it and not mine!


We made quick work of taking things down after the shower and Ben helped me load the goods into the car so we could drop them off before heading to my bachelorette party.

I won’t lie, it’s awkward because I’m not that great at this sort of thing but boy does it make you feel special that so many people show up to wish you well and be there to help you celebrate. 🙂 I had several friends able to attend as well and that made it even more wonderful. So I’m hoping now that I survived this with a cracked smile on my face that I can survive the wedding too.

I just keep telling myself that with Ben there, no one will focus on me at all – they’ll all be staring at him… right? right


3 Responses

  1. We got that veggie platter thing too!!! Love your pictures…the food looks incredible!

  2. Shower pictures were wonderful. Every thing looked great.

  3. EVeryone will be looking at both of you and just be filled with joy at watching you get married 😀

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