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100 Miles Done

Yesterday I submitted my final week of steps for the 100 mile, 28 day challenge. I logged a little over 60,000 steps last week bringing my grand step total to 254,175 or roughly 127 miles. I remember when I did the challenge two years ago and hit 200 miles, everything hurt all over my body and I didn’t lose any weight. This time around I haven’t been sore much at all, but I’m exhausted. Seriously, the second my head hits the pillow I am out cold – and remain oblivious to everything until morning. Bottom line, if you’re looking to sleep better: exercise.

Last night Ben got home a little early so we would have time to get ready for 5pm Body Pump. We’d basically thrown the last 3 months of our gym memberships out the window while we were at boot camp, but it was so worth it. It was funny, as we were setting up our bar bells for class, I caught Ben’s eye and we both grimaced a little bit. We miss boot camp already! Pump is fun but it’s very monotonous and that was what we liked so much about our hiatus – each workout was different from the last one.

We did Pump workout #90 – which was lots of 4-series exercises (4 low squats followed by 4 high squats, 4 low lunges followed by 4 high lunges, etc…). Our favorite teacher was there, which helped a lot too. What was amusing was how quickly the climate changes. I think I only recognized one person in the entire class! Usually I’ll recognize at least 3/4 of the group. Summer vacations maybe?

When we got home, it was time to make some dinner. I had Ben get started on hamburger patties while I went to harvest another crop of green beans.


I had one random potato lying around so I peeled and diced him and cooked the potato and beans together. A quick drain and then I added chopped garlic onions and cilantro from the garden.


I tossed it all with a little shredded cheese and ended up with this awesome cheesy potato side.


I could definitely see making it again – it was surprisingly good and the onions and cilantro thrown in at the end really added something interesting and exciting to it.

I whipped through another 10 thank-yous last night and only have 4 more to go! I’m cruising. A big wind front pushed through around 9pm and swept away all that nasty 90 degree weather. Today the high is a Ali-approved 75 degrees. Sounded like someone will be taking a long walk tonight and whipping through her final thank-yous. Perfect evening. I can’t wait. 🙂

Have a great day!


2 Responses

  1. Woo hoo on the miles!! Enjoy your perfect evening 😀

  2. Exercise always helps me sleep!!! Those mile and step numbers are impressive!

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