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Pushing it to the limit!

Woo – look at me work it! Last night was competition Wednesday at the gym. It’s been a while since we’ve gone to a Wednesday class and I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the motivation to go the extra mile. In the beginning of boot camp, I dreaded competition day because I was slow and worried I would let my team down. Last night there were just 4 of us in class and it was an individual competition called “1000 Reps”

Competition Rules:

30 minute countdown – each person to complete as many of the 1000 reps as possible. They can break it up any way they want. After 30 minutes, record either the time you finished or how many reps you were able to complete during the timeframe:

100 of each:

  • Kettle bell thrusters
  • Mountain climbers
  • Sit ups
  • Dips
  • Push-ups
  • Ball slams
  • Wall balls
  • Banded curls
  • Banded upright rows
  • Jumping jacks

Looking at all the results on the board, I could tell this was a tough challenge. Only TWO people actually finished all of this in the allotted timeframe. I started out thinking I’d tackle everything in 4 rounds of 25 reps each. I quickly learned that the sit ups were going to be my downfall – they are hard for me and take a long time. I tackled 15 of them, went to the dips, went back and did the remaining 10 and then carried on with the rest. I tackled 50 mountain climbers right off the bat and 50 jumping jacks. Both are quick and easy to cruise on if you are already doing them. It takes more time switching from exercise to exercise.

I was tuckering out quite a bit after the first round, but on pace, so I decided to do just 15 reps in the second round – but got to skip over the climbers and jacks. From there I just marked with chalk where I was and grouped similar things together so it was easier to go back and forth. For example, I would do 10 ball slams, then 10 wall balls, and then back to 10 ball slams again. Since I was already holding the medicine ball, the transitions were quicker and I didn’t tucker out as quickly because I was switching exercises. I did have to stop a few times to get some extra air and sip water.

Finishing was the 50 quickest jumping jacks of my life. Guess who became the THIRD person to finish before time ran out? 🙂 I did it in 28:01 – the second fastest time. Woooooooo! Ben was so close – he had just 3 jumping jacks left to do before time. I think he wishes he’d hustled just a touch more so he would have made it too. It was rough and I felt like I wanted to pass out after, lol. I’m also noticing that nasty tightness in my shoulder blade once again. Hopefully that isn’t here to stay for long.

We got home, Ben hopped into the shower, and I got started on dinner. We had bought this awesome-looking tri-colored quinoa from Trader Joe’s and I wanted to try it out. Rinse and drain to start!


We thought we’d make the Mexican rice dish we love but use the quinoa instead of the brown rice and add some grilled chicken to beef it up on the protein. The end result was a bright and colorful dinner!


We ate ours with a handful of red hot blues corn chips. They were spicy chips though and I think next time we’d probably go back to the usual tortilla chip. Also, as delicious as this always is, it definitely tastes better the longer it sits. The flavors have a chance to develop and if you eat it right after you prepare it (like we did) then it’s almost a little bland. Luckily we have leftovers for either tonight or tomorrow.


Tonight I need to start hunting around looking for something to wear to my shower. Nothing like waiting till the last minute but I wasn’t interested in shopping. So I’ll start tonight and then if I need to venture out again tomorrow, I can.

Here’s something exciting – we got some engagement photos back! This shot is grainy because I blew it up from a link. I need to download my favorites tonight so I can get some ordered and then I’ll re-size and show you all what we came up with.


On that note – it’s time for work. Friday is on the horizon!


3 Responses

  1. What a workout! You go girl!! You must be working the pounds off, too. Very nice picture of you and Ben. Anxious to see more.

  2. Very cute picture of you two! Did you plan matching colors?

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