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Rocking the 40lb kettle bell

Hello blog world. My name is Ali and I’m a kettle swinging bad-a$$. πŸ˜‰ Last night’s boot camp included kettle bell swings and normally I use the popular 20lb bell but Ben reached for the 30 and I decided to as well. Let me tell you, 10 pounds makes a huge difference. On the final round I was feeling like I wanted to go all-out, and I picked up the whopping 40lb bell. Oh boy! Ha ha it was heavy! Let me tell you, you can definitely cheat exercises with light weights but if you don’t have proper form on heavier stuff, you learn to correct immediately!

Last night we hadΒ 4 stations, 5 rounds, 2 min on and 1 min transition. Those two minutes seemed awfully long on some of the stations!

  • 5 crunches & 5 leg raises
  • 5 wall balls & 5 burpees
  • jumping rope
  • 5 kettle bell swings & 5 pushups

I used to be a really good jump-roper (in second grade, lol) but now it’s hard to keep that going for 2 minutes. My calves were in danger of ripping. Eeep!

My first peach was ripe enough to eat last night. It was absolutely wonderful. I’m thinking about getting another bushel in a few weeks when the truck comes back and then slicing them all up and freezing them so I can use them throughout the year.


Weird thing, at some point between June and July, all the photos on my blog started loading 1/4 smaller than in the past. I wonder if I accidentally hit a setting on my camera that changed something. It’s annoying so I need to find a way to fix it.

It’s restaurant week here in Green Bay, which means many of the local restaurants offer special menus at lower price points. Sometimes it’s a great deal, sometimes it’s not. We hit an earlier boot camp class last night, got home, showered, and realized dinner was still frozen – so we went out for Mexican!

I went with the 3-course $10 special. My appetizer was a chicken quesadilla. Ben opted for a spicy pepperjack queso dip, so I ended up giving him half of my quesadilla and he slathered some of his dip on it.


We each got the queso burrito as our main course:


It was actually a small burrito compared to most restaurants but neither of us made much headway. We ate half and packaged the rest up. Lunch today!

For the dessert round I picked the fried ice cream and Ben went with the warm apple chimi. Ben’s dessert won hands down – delicious!


We have boot camp again tonight. Since it’s our last week we’re trying to get in a couple additional workout sessions. Might as well go all out in the end! If it weren’t so expensive, we’d definitely keep going. We’re considering doing another 3 months over the winter when we need more motivation to work out. We’ll see…

Still working with the photographers to get my engagement photos. Not sure why it’s taking so long. 😦 Shower is just a few days away and I want to have a picture by then! πŸ™‚

Time to hit the road for work. Have a great day!


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  1. You will have fun at the shower this weekend with family and friends. Enjoy everything leading up to your wedding day.

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