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Chilly Start to the Day

Good morning!

I survived my crazy day in the office yesterday and lived to tell the tale. This morning I’m sitting by the window (which we had cracked open last night) and I can see goose bumps forming on my arm. Looking at the thermometer, it appears to be 57 degrees outside. Assuming it warms up 10 degrees or so today, it should be perfect for a lunchtime walk around the office. More steps!

Yesterday I submitted my week 3 step count – my best week yet!

Week 1: 55910

Week 2: 64327

Week 3: 73548

That means going into the final week, I need to cover 3 miles or 6000 steps to hit the 100 mile mark. Piece of cake! 🙂

On the way home from work last night, Ben stopped over at my mom/dad’s house to pick up this beautiful sight:


Oh yeah, fresh strawberry pie! We gave mom enough berries to make two – so the family had one and we got the other. Nothing ever tastes as good as pie your mom makes. 🙂

First slice!!


I also keep wandering around the bar room keeping an eye on my beautiful babies and randomly picking them up and smelling them…


Oh beautiful peaches… I love you so!

Dinner last night was parmesan-dusted chicken with broccoli. I even tossed in a few beans from the garden. Hurray for garden produce!!!!


Looks like we’re getting our engagement photos back this week so I’m hopeful I can get them in time to print one out for my bridal shower on Saturday. Bridal shower? Already? I suppose we have less than 2 months to go now. I get nervous / excited just thinking about it. 🙂

Time to hit the road for work. Have a super Tuesday!


2 Responses

  1. That strawberry pie looks yummy! Can I get one, too?? Your dinner last night looks delicious, too. Never have made parmesan dusted chicken, but I will have to try it sometime. Enjoy your first bridal shower this Saturday. Fun times!!

    • I’m a little nervous about the shower because it’s weird to open gifts in front of a crowd, but it’s going to be fun too. Plus, we’ll have cake so how can that be a bad thing!? 🙂

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