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Berry Picking

Another Monday, here we go! I hope everyone’s weekend was marvelous. We had amazing weather – just amazing! We ate out a bit too much but offset it by lots of long walks and boot camp trips. Good stuff.

It’s been a very long couple of weeks (months?) with work – lots to do and no real end in sight. I put in for a week of vacation for the end of July and it’s awesome having something to look forward to. In the meantime, I look forward to the weekends. 🙂

I had a productive Friday – I had my first dress fitting! The lady who is doing my alterations is just about the sweetest thing I’ve seen. She’s been doing alterations for more than 30 years and she patiently explained things to me and was really warm and supportive. It ended up being really fun. Bonus, I still absolutely love my new dress. 🙂

From there I drove over to get a facial. I get a good deal on them and wish I could find a similar deal on Groupon for massages! Both are really wonderful ways for me to de-stress. If they were cheaper, I’d enjoy them more often. The timing of the facial worked out really well because right across the street from the salon was this:


You read that right – PEACHES!!


You all know I’m crazy about my peaches. 🙂 I times it to be done with my facial 30 minutes before the pick-up would begin, but when I walked out, there was already a HUGE line and they were handing out boxes. I temporarily panicked thinking they would sell out before I got any. That’s happened before. You kinds don’t want to get in between me and my peaches…

(here’s the first quarter of the line):


Victory was mine. I grabbed my 1/2 bushel and drove over to give Mom some. I told her I’d give a bunch to her if she made me a peach pie. Ben doesn’t like peaches (his only flaw??) so it made more sense for Mom to make it and me come over for a piece than to make a whole pie and devour it like a glutton. If it wasn’t for the wedding coming up, maybe 😉 After all, peaches are a rarity!

On Saturday we went to boot camp and the theme was all about kettle bells. I was lucky I brought my gloves because I’m noticing I’m starting to callus across the top of my palms!

Kettle Bell Workout (40 seconds on, 20 seconds transition – 5 rounds)

  • KB Swings
  • Around the World (passing the kb around your body in a continuous motion)
  • KB upright rows
  • KB Squats
  • Figure 8’s
  • KB Thrusters
  • Ring Rows (not a kettle bell – but the ring rows are what chew up my palms)

Each exercise was it’s own station and you did as many reps as you could during the 40 seconds. We were definitely wiped by the end of the last round!

After showers, Ben and I went off to strawberry pick. We’re getting to the end of the season so it was either go or risk losing out for the year.


The berries have been smaller this year so even though we were picking quickly, it took a bit for the two of us to fill a carton.

$14 worth of deliciousness. If only peaches were so cheap!


So now we’ll have amazing berries to enjoy while I wait for my peaches to ripen. Seriously, I LOVE this time of year. If only we could get fresh and tasty fruit year round! 🙂

Off to work, have a great Monday!


2 Responses

  1. Peaches and strawberries!! How yummy! What do you make with the strawberries? Do you freeze some of them? Enjoy!

  2. I am all about the blueberries right now! Or any fruit, really LOL!

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