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Hangin in there!

It’s been one of those crazy weeks where you literally count the minutes until the weekend! How are all of you doing? Hang’in in there, I hope!

Yesterday, after a killer-busy day of work, Ben and I came home and totally crashed. I’ve been walking a lot more as part of this 100 mile challenge, and I can tell it’s making me more tired. Since we didn’t have anything scheduled for once, we thought it might be a good idea to do something around the house.

You know, like FINALLY planting my rose bush? But it ended up being us only removing the tiny old shrub and then deciding to tackle the planting later. I didn’t feel like a trip to the store for some fresh dirt and didn’t want to plant the rose amongst all the hard clay. No wonder some of my smaller stuff never grows!


We’re still waiting to see our engagement photos. The photographer has posted both weddings and engagement sessions that he took after ours, so we’re wondering if ours either were lost, looked bad, or just weren’t as much fun to edit. Ho-hum

I’ve been having so much fun watching my lilies bloom this year! The rabbits didn’t eat the two in the front of the house, and they both bloomed!!!!!



Aren’t they AWESOME?!

They really haven’t spread out like the ones in the back of our shed and I’m wondering if that entire flower bed is just too crammed.


I hate to remove anything that’s been doing really well, but my two bleeding hearts have completely taken over the entire area. Those suckers get huge! I’m thinking I should cut them back now and then pick one of them up and move it somewhere else.

Definitely looking like it needs a little TLC…


I’m excited to get through today (which will be nuts) because tomorrow will be so much fun. I have my first dress fitting right after work and then I’m treating myself to a facial. AND it is no way coincidental that the Georgia peach truck arrives a block from the facial salon a mere 30 minutes after my facial wraps up. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Peaches!!!!!!

Excited x10 🙂

Have a great day!!


2 Responses

  1. Very pretty lilies! Hope you get to see your engagement pics soon.

  2. Those lilies are so pretty! I have a new one blooming this week, too!

    This certainly has been a crazy week. I guess life never really slows down.

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