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The Wet Walker

Happy Tuesday, as a past Girl Scout, can I interest you in any girl scout cookies? They have some exciting new flavors this year…

bad gs cookies

Aren’t those terribly awesome? I’ll admit I smirked when I read through them. Tee hee

I went for a walk during my lunch break yesterday to help get an early start accumulating steps this week. It was 80+ with full sun, windy but humid. I got back to the office hot and sweaty. Yuck. Last night the temps cooled down quite a bit and a storm front was about to push through. After a quick check on the radar, I laced up my new shoes and grabbed my brand new mp3 player (I had yet to use it once) and set out for a couple miles.

Not even a half mile in it started sprinkling. I don’t really mind a little mist or some light sprinkles – heck they cool you down – but within minutes those sprinkles turned into full-on showers. So there I was trudging along like a miserable idiot clutching my mp3 player under my shirt to minimize the water contact… slushing through the rain in my new shoes. What an idiot!

After passing a shirtless guy walking his dog and a man on a motorcycle, I heard a car pulling up fast alongside me. BEN!!! My hero appeared to save me from drowning on the side of the road. ❤

Of course, not even 10 minutes later (once I was home safe and dry) the rain stopped. By that time I wasn’t interested in lacing up soggy shoes and giving it another try. Still, I did hit 10,000 steps for the day. Hurrah!

We did a quick & simple dinner. Ben grilled some burgundy spoon roasts and corn on the cob. We had planned to do a little salad with the garden lettuce/spinach, but neither of us wanted to trek through the wet grass. We’re wimps. 😉


Boot camp tonight! We only have 2 weeks left and then we’ll have gone for 3 months. We agreed to do 3 months and then to go back and use our already paid for gym memberships. But we like it enough that I could see coming back for another 3 months over the winter. Nothing like sticking to a good program during those evil winter months of inactivity!



2 Responses

  1. It sounds like Ben is a gem. You’re a lucky girl and so is he.

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