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A Walk Around the Yard

JULY, JULY – the month of cook outs, pool parties, sunshine, and beer. How is it already here? Last night we met with our wedding officiant – who now no longer can make our wedding date. So here we are, about 2 months away from W-Day, and we don’t have anyone to marry us. Any guesses what I’ll be working on this weekend?

Anyways, not wanting to dwell on any more wedding terrors, let’s take a walk around my yard and see what’s blooming. I’m so excited to show you some stuff!!

I am noticing some severe pruning that needs to be done on the back of our shed. That entire large tree/shrub/bush thing I’m thinking of ripping out. I’d love to put a flowering trellis climber up instead – something with some color – but I don’t want to put too much energy into it since it’s the side of the house we never see.


But the spread of the bush is really starting to choke out my day lilies…


Speaking of lilies (eeeeeeek!!!!!!) My pink ones are going STRONG! I absolutely love them and am so excited we were able to keep the chewers away from them this year.


Even better – the next cropping popped up as well – and they may be even prettier!


Isn’t that just stunning? I love the deep red color and they are such a bold and bright pop of color in the back of the yard. Plus, flanked by two day lilies, they really make a pretty contrast:


I hate to even touch them, but I’m thinking I should probably divide them. I’m a bit nervous to do that since I never have before, but I’d like them to continue to flourish and not choke one another out.

These random white flowers are on the North side of our shed and I think they are so delicate and pretty. The rabbits had a field day with most of the plants back there and now only a few remaining plants are still alive. I think I need to give them some good soil and a bit of fencing so they stand a chance to harden up and grow out.


After clipping the first blooms off my rose bush, I have a ton of new blooms to admire (and smell). I seriously can’t get enough of them! I’m a total slacker and NEED to get this in the ground but I have to make the time to do it. This weekend???


I can’t get over the outrageous smell. So perfect, so fragrant, so amazing!


I went out to check on the strawberries – and every last berry is now gone. 😦 In fact, some of the plants look like they suffered quite a bit of abuse in the process…


Obviously bird netting has to become a priority or we’ll just be providing food for the local fauna (and I’m getting kinda sick of that). I’m also suspecting the birds are eating the flowers off my tomato plants too – do they do that? Yesterday I had tons of little flowers but when I went to take a picture today – nada.

So there you have it! I’m considering removing all my wedding gifts from our Bed Bath & Beyond registry and instead just asking for an electric fence, a pellet gun, and miles of bird netting. πŸ˜‰

PS Traps have been re-baited. THREE furry rascals were spotted sniffing my plants this morning!


2 Responses

  1. Those lilies are stunning! I love the red ones!
    That white flower? I think it might be a delphinium. It looks like what I have starting to bloom right now.

    How long of a drive to Vegas for you? JOP!

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