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A Pocketfull of Sunshine

Hello and good morning everyone!

The wedding RSVPs have started trickling in… I got 5 the first day and then 1 or 2 every day since. It’s so much fun seeing them all piling up. We have 30 people coming now. 😉 (Somehow I think that number will grow)


It was another hot and humid day yesterday. When I left work, a guy walking next to me commented that it felt like walking through water. Yes, it was that thick. A storm front was on it’s way though so we were holding out for wind and cooler temps.

Mom, Dad, and Matt were making one of their now-quarterly trips to Mayo Clinic which meant Alex was the Man of the House. Usually we would assume he’d enjoy a little alone time, since the rest of the family is almost always there. However, he was quick to give me a call and find out what Ben and I had on the dinner docket. We moved boot camp to tomorrow night and Ben picked him up on his way home from work.

The men were happy when we decided on burgers for dinner:


My stomach was not so happy afterwards. It took me a long time to eat all of it and a good portion of fries ended up on Alex’s plate anyway. I’ve definitely noticing a more sensitive stomach lately – and it’s totally random and not really linked to a certain food group.


It was pretty delicious though! I love the waffle fries!

After dropping Alex off, we got home just as the rain began. I wandered back and forth on the front porch while having a quick chat with the folks on the phone. After getting the latest on the lab results, next steps, etc…, I had logged an additional 700 steps to my daily step count. Both legs have been bothering me so I’m foam rolling and easing back a bit on the steps.

Speaking of which… I wrapped up the first week of the 28 day 100 mile step challenge. Here we go:

Week 1: 55910 steps (~28 miles)

So, I’m not on track to best my 200 miles in 2012, but I am on track to hitting 100 miles, which is great! Yesterday wasn’t so good (5000 steps only), but with boot camp tonight, I’ll pull in a much bigger number.

Have a super day everyone!


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