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June Humidity


Happy Tuesday! (It should feel like a Tuesday for everyone that has Friday off, right?) I’ve decided if Ben and I ever move, our next house will be one story. It’s been hot and humid the past couple of days and we’ve had the A/C cranking ’round the clock, but the upstairs still feels like a tropical rainforest.

I decided to try the noon boot camp class on Friday – even without Ben. I was worried I wouldn’t know anyone since I don’t ever go at that time, but I knew just about everyone, so that was great! It was HOT, HOT, HOT in the gym though and we were already warm and uncomfortable just getting through the warm ups.

Three Stations: 8 min on, 1 min transition (as many rounds as possible)

Station 1:

  • 3 bear crawls (crawl on hands and feet, butt in the air, across the gym floor. Don’t turn around at the end, but work your way backwards)
  • 6 kettle bell swings
  • 9 kettle bell sit-ups

Station 2:

  • 3 tire flips
  • 6 deep squats
  • 9 burpees (on the tire)

Station 3:

  • 3 down and back runs
  • 6 wall balls
  • 9 push-ups

The bear crawls were terrible because your head is down – so there’s lots of blood rushing to your head – plus it puts a LOT of pressure on my wrists. The girls at my station looked pretty wiped out finishing them up. We were outside for the other 2 stations in the full sunshine. When you aren’t used to a lot of sun, it really drains you of energy quickly. What a workout!

AFTER all of that, they had us do the “Breakdown Challenge”. They start a timer and you have to see how quickly you can get through all exercises listed:

  • 50 sit-ups
  • 40 deep squats
  • 30 pushups
  • 20 tricep dips
  • 10 burpees

If you wanted your name and time listed without a star, then you had to do everything without any modifications. Yikes! You also had to do each in the order listed. I was the slowest on the sit-ups (I think some girls did crunches) but caught up pretty well on the squats/pushup section. I think the quick combo of pushup/dip/burpee was too much though – I’ve had horrible shoulder pain ever since. Ben ended up going to boot camp on Sunday without me! (turns out this was good, LOTS of running!!). I finished the challenge in 4:42.

I had my measurements taken after class. I am still maintaining the same 5lbs down from the first 2 weeks in of boot camp – but nothing more. Even odder is that I was measured and was bigger (by an inch!) every single place they measured. This is why you need to have the same person measure each time – otherwise it can get very discouraging. I know I haven’t gained 6+ inches and so I’m not going to worry about it. Keep pressing on.

I checked on my garden quite a bit over the weekend and I’ve noticed a crop of bugs that are making me pretty sad:


They may be flea beetles? I need to investigate. Meanwhile they eat holes in my lettuce, spinach, and my lone pepper. If they mangle all my peppers I am going to be pretty upset – since the pepper harvest is what I count on offset the expense of the garden.

The tea roses in the back  yard are blooming. The plants are really in rough shape due to rabbit chewing, but I have a lot trimmed down and I’ll do another trimming after they finish blooming.


Between the rabbits, birds, and bugs…


I’m also thinking this shrub needs to go. It looks pretty for 2 days (but the blooms smell weird). Meanwhile it’s managed to migrate and spread into other areas and is covering my day lily plant completely.


I think I have my new cake design worked out, so hopefully I can knock that off the list this week. We’re also meeting again with our wedding officiant on Wednesday. It’s hard to believe tomorrow is JULY! Lots of great things coming up. Should be a good week too.

Happy Monday!


2 Responses

  1. Pretty roses! I have some lily beetles eating my asiatic lilies, which pisses me off. They never eat the daylilies, which I have by the ton!

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