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Can I Have a Porch Bed?

Here we are – a mere 4 days before July! Where does the time go!!?? We’ve been so busy that I have had almost no time to sit outside and read and I’ve only managed to fit in two walks. Pitiful really…

I have to keep reminding myself that this is a bizarre year. I won’t have wedding planning sucking up all this time ever again. Ha – every once in a while I tell Ben that my next wedding is going to be on a beach in Mexico. When so much of the year is cold and miserable, you really feel like you need to take advantage of every last minute of good weather. I’ll confess though, I’ve felt so haggard and run-down that all I want to do is sleep.

If I could sleep outside, wouldn’t that kill two birds with one stone? I told Ben I now need a porch bed for Christmas:

porch swing bed

Seriously, isn’t this the most awesome thing ever? I have no where near the space or width on my porch to fit this, but I suppose that’s a mere side point. HOW COOL IS THIS? I want it right now. I think I’d set it up with access to a power outlet so I could position a ceiling fan above it. That way it could help keep bugs away and cool me off if it got a little warm.

Work’s been beyond stressful. We’ve been running one person short since February and they finally hired someone, and then decided she wouldn’t be doing our work, so we’re still maxed out. A typical night now involves dashing home, grabbing a quick dinner, heading to boot camp, shower, and try and catch up on work. If we don’t have boot camp, then it’s work and wedding planning.

Tuesday we met with our baker to finalize the wedding cake design. I was so happy to FINALLY be at a point where I could cross something off my list. I showed her my cake and explained a couple adjustments only to find out that every single flower she makes is between $5 and $7. I counted 23 flowers on my cake plus a large assortment of leaves. My heart sank and I walked out with a weak smile and a promise to find another design more budget-friendly. Then I got in the car and cried. 🙂 You would think one part of this wedding planning wouldn’t be so hard. Isn’t it supposed to be fun? I think people tell me that every so often.

Last night we raced home to get ready for engagement photos. We’re way behind but what can you do? It had been more than a struggle to even schedule this session but the temps were perfect and we were getting them done at the botanical gardens. I had originally wanted my wedding there, but it’s outrageously expensive and I would have needed either a caterer (and paper plates / plastic utensils) or would have had to make my guests drive to a second location, which I didn’t want. I figured this was a fabulous compromise to get a bunch of beautiful, colorful pictures. Plus, I couldn’t imagine many people there on a Thursday night – so we’d practically have the place to ourselves!

We were pretty confused when we drove up to a LONG line of cars and had to be waved into a parking spot in a far field. As we nervously followed the crowd towards the entrance, we spotted this:


Every Thursday night. What are the odds!?

Posing for silly pictures is already a bit odd/uncomfortable but toss in a few hundred people standing around watching you and… well forget it!

Turns out the photographer was stuck in traffic so we called and did a google search for the nearest park and went there instead. I showed up mad and annoyed. Our photographer showed up tense and irritated about the traffic… so it’ll be interesting to see if we managed to get anything that looked reasonable. I hope so. I would have for all that effort to be wasted. I’ll post some when we get them.

As for today, I’m going to go to noon boot camp on my own. I missed the last 2 nights with wedding stuff and I probably could stand to work off a little stress.

This weekend I’m meeting with my florist and we’d better get that finalized! I’m getting too close to W-Day to keep circling around and around on all this stuff! 🙂

Hope you all have a great day. Thanks for letting me rant a bit. 😉 ❤


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  1. Ugh – I sympathize with the work stress!

    Have you considered talking with your florist about providing some extra flowers and have the cake decorator use real ones on your cake? We had that option, but I didn’t use it because we picked our flowers up at the farmer’s market that morning and didn’t have extra.

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