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Long Walks at Last!

Hip Hip Hurrah!

I’ve been nursing and rehabbing my sore leg the past month+ and it finally feels like I’m turning a corner. It used to be that I couldn’t walk to the end of the block before my leg would begin to throb and then migrate into full-blown pain. It cooled down substantially after a tiny shower and was overcast and slightly windy around 7:30pm. I loaded a couple new songs on my mp3 player and took off down the road.

I kept my pace slow and my strides fairly short and that might have helped a bit too. It felt wonderful. The flowery smells in the air, the fun landscaping people have on their lawns – I like to take it all in. Plus, I like the downtime to get lost in my thoughts. I spent considerable time thinking about the wedding and how the day would likely unfold. I felt so good that I veered a bit off my usual route to get in a few extra steps for my 100 mile challenge.

Usually when it looks overcast and potentially rainy, I take off walking and have Ben keep an eye out – so he can rescue me in the event of a downpour. 🙂 About half-way through my walk, I saw a familiar car pull up alongside me. I guess Ben thought it looked ominous enough to head out and then got worried because I wasn’t on my regular loop. Oops – sorry Ben!!! After many thanks, a hug, and a quick kiss, I sent him back home promising to take the regular route back from there. Honestly, I felt great the rest of the way home. I felt a little bit of a twinge towards the very end, but nothing too worrisome. I got home sweaty and very happy – I covered about 2.5 miles and 5400 steps.

One of my co-workers is having a happy hour at his house tonight to sample some of his home-brewed beer. Luckily, they have root beer for me! 🙂 So I’ll leave work tonight, get a snap at the chiropractor, pick up Ben for the happy hour, and then we’re off to meet with our cake designer!

Since this post is in need of a photo (or two) here are some of the cake ideas I liked but we didn’t ultimately use:

Doesn’t this just look awesome for a fall theme??

1 leaf cake

For a while I was thinking white on white, but realized I love color!!

cake with big flower

I still think Ben’s a teeny bit disappointed we didn’t go with this one. He’s in love with it:

grooms cake

For me? Ultimately I just hope the inside tastes as good as the outside looks, cause that’s what really matters, right?

Happy middle ‘o’ the week!





2 Responses

  1. Do you do sciatica stretches? I wonder if that might be part of your leg issue.

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