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Weed or Seed?

Happy Wednesday!!

We’ve suffered through a couple hot and humid days and now the rain has landed. There’s lightning and a steady downfall which always makes walking into the office amusing in the morning. This entire week is rainy which works out well for me because then I don’t have to water my garden.

I’m officially well past the dreaded “weed or seed” stage. I’ll often plant my seeds and then not be able to weed anything because I’m not sure if the little sprout is a weed growing or something legit. The pepper plants are easy (you know, since I buy them as a 4″ tall plant) but anything from a seed can be more challenging for me.

So now, it’s time for a walk around my garden to see what’s sprouting, growing, and thriving!

I literally covered this bed with snap pea plants and only ONE grew! It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the large plant in the middle is the pea. I’ll need to get a trellis or something for him to snake up. I planted another round just for fun and a few of those have popped up as well. I think I have 7 pea plants total right now. I also have two rogue tomato plants that seeded themselves (small one in the middle left of the bed and the large plant at the bottom of the bed). Not sure what to do with those yet…


From my dismal showing of snap peas, we head over to the green bean land. I had more success with these but I have lots of empty spots that I think might work well for another crop. If we stagger the planting, we’ll have produce longer. Why not try, right?


One of my tiny little beds has become home to butter lettuce. We planted a good amount of spinach and lettuce and I’m beginning to think we may be in over our heads. There’s a LOT of lettuce growing awfully fast. Plus – I’ve noticed the bugs seem to like the spinach a lot.


We have a hodge-podge of plants in this next bed. I have my scrawny-looking cherry and roma tomato plants in the back. The row of spinach is in the middle (hello spinach!!) and there’s a row of garlic chive onions in the front. I wasn’t so sure about the onions but thought they might be fun to try and so far, they are growing well.


I had so much success with zucchini last year that I was expecting equal bounty this time around. Unfortunately, only one zucchini plant and one yellow squash came up. I’m going to try planting another zucchini and see if that takes. I’m not sure why I’m having so much difficulty getting things to grow this year.


My new garden addition is holding all of my pepper plants. I didn’t exactly count (I should) but I’m thinking I have double the peppers from last year. I saved some room to find orange peppers but couldn’t find any. Oddly enough, every place I went to had peppers crawling with aphids! Eeeek! Finally after the FOURTH stop, we found yellow peppers that looked the least buggy and then purchased a bottle of organic oil spray that gets rid of the bugs. I gave the plants a hefty spray, left them alone and away from everything for a few days, and then put them in the ground. Everything looks good now though and they’re growing well.


We have life in the fruit garden too! When we planted the strawberries and raspberries I had serious doubts that they would make it. The roots were totally dry and crumbly and it was several weeks with no signs of life. BUT I’m happy to say that all but the tiniest of the raspberries made it and all of the strawberries are rocking as well. Hurray!


We’re pinching off all the flowers so we don’t get an early berry crop. It’s sad to do but will help strengthen the roots and make them more likely to survive their first winter.


The raspberries look wonderful too. Each plant seems to be at a varying stage of growth but they are all sprouting and that’s what counts!


So that’s the garden progress! When I peek at it each day there doesn’t seem like a lot of action but if I take a weekly photo and compare, then I’m amazed at the activity. It’s exciting to grow things, isn’t it??

The rain is still pounding but it’s time for me to get going. Work awaits!


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  1. I think this late spring has something to do with how things are growing. I have a few plants that should be waaaay further along than they are and it has been warm for a while now.

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