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3 Month Wedding Update

I’m amazed how many of you have never been to the Mall of America! Then again, if I didn’t live so close to it, I would never think to schedule a vacation just so I could go shopping. Someone told me there is an underwater exhibit you can walk underneath – with sharks. How did we miss that!?

I was also bombarded with a slew of emails since last week Thursday we hit the 3 month milestone before our wedding. It’s weird to say that and it’s weird to type that! Once we moved the date from May to Sept, I felt like I had SO much time and yet here we are. I think it’s true that time seems to move faster the older you get.

On Saturday Ben and I drove to our future wedding location to chat with the coordinator, work out some details, and have menu sampling. We could pick up to five dishes to sample, but they really only had 4 that were both in our desired price range and seemed they would appeal to a wide array of people.

Sliced sirloin


Rating: C

The meat was horribly tough and I get weirded out when I can see the tubes/cartilage (the thick white tubular-shaped veins?) in my meat. This dish was a no

Roasted Pork Loin:


Rating: B

Compared to the sirloin, this was like slicing through butter. It was surprisingly moist, the sauce was great, and the dish felt light. The only issue/concern is that my MOH doesn’t eat pork (she had a childhood pet pig) and it makes me wonder if pork would be an odd choice since we’re only doing one entrée…

Chicken Cordon Blue:


Rating: B

This was really good! I dived into my chicken with wild abandon and kept eating… and eating… and then the sauce caught up with me. It was a really heavy entrée. It would definitely be filling though! Plus, the breading on the chicken would pose a problem for two of my guests who have celiac and can’t eat wheat/gluten.

Broasted Chicken:


Rating: A

I fully expected the chicken to be cold by the time we got around to it but it was still nice and warm. I think the chicken is the winner here. It was moist and the skin had a nice crispness and flavor. Plus, we can get a few dishes made with oven-baked chicken to appeal to our GF guests. Winner, winner; traditional WI chicken dinner!

You could definitely tell it was June and wedding season is in full swing. They had two wedding receptions going on later in the evening and the coordinator let us peek into the rooms and check out how they were laid out / decorated. It was so much fun to see what everyone was doing!

Purple seems to be the color – both weddings had purple (one lavender and the other regular purple). I took pictures of the centerpieces since I’m still working out what I want.

These are the free ones the resort provides:


Free… but I don’t think they are fun at all.

This one, on the other hand, I thought was gorgeous:


I could see doing that in one of my wedding colors… I called the florist that did these for a quote and my jaw dropped. I can’t believe how much it costs for a single flower on 18 tables. Holy moly! So centerpiece ideas are still very much in progress.

We also discovered that since we’ll be serving cake as dessert, if we want any cake pictures, we’d have to rush over and do that right after being announced into the room. So we’d awkwardly cut the cake while the entire room stares at us and politely waits for dinner. Umm no. So we’re passing that on by which really means that unless I catch a glimpse of my cake on the way to the head table, I won’t even see it before it’s cut. Makes you re-think all the hours of planning I’ve put into designing my cake!

The main issue is that the room was booked for a lunch event – so they’ll be tearing down and setting up during the afternoon and during the ceremony. I’m a bit bummed that I won’t be able to see everything but I’d rather have a little more time for pictures. That’s what you get with scheduling a ceremony and dinner 90 min apart! 🙂

I’m STILL trying to get my photographer to schedule an engagement session with us. We’d wanted a few pictures to put on our wedding web site prior to sending out the invitations, but now that the clock keeps ticking, I think I need to get the invites in the mail and move on.

What a lot of work – mostly for things I’ll never get to see or really appreciate. It’s kind of amazing. I keep telling Ben that on my next wedding, I’m going to do exactly what I want! LOL 😉

Looks like there’s some light drizzle this morning. I love rain because then I don’t need to water my garden! I’m off to work – have a great day!




3 Responses

  1. I went to 2 weddings this year and at each reception they cut the cake at the very beginning of the reception. I don’t think it’s that weird. You might regret not having that moment. The chicken looks great!

    • tell me more – so everyone was sitting waiting for dinner, the bridal party walks in and sits at the head table, and then the bride & groom walk over and cut the cake? Was this before dinner / prayer / etc…?

      • Oh hey – I just saw this! The bridal couples were introduced by the DJ and walked in. Everybody clapped and then I’m pretty sure they went right to the cake and took some pictures before the dinner and any kind of speeches/prayers.

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