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The Mall of America


I feel terribly behind on my blog postings. Last week I had my last-minute trip to Minneapolis planned and we hit the road after lunch on Wednesday, got into out hotel at 6:30pm, drove an additional hour (there and back) to make sure we knew how to get to the office the next morning, and then wandered the Mall of America aimlessly for some grub and to walk the long car ride off.

We settled for dinner at Bubba Gump. They have lots of fish and seafood there (obviously) but I found a burger and was a happy girl.

I started with a salad since I was absolutely famished:


And then got a bun-less cheeseburger.


The food was delicious since we were all exhausted and dehydrated. I didn’t drink much the entire day because I didn’t want everyone to have to stop and find a restroom. I should have drank more that night, but I didn’t…

After dinner we walked off the meal and browsed around the mall. It would have been fun to have gotten there sooner so we could have looked around more.

I took some TMNT pictures for Ben:


And being a Lego fanatic as a kid, we had to walk through and take pictures of the Lego statues as well.


The mall closed at 9:30 and we were tired and went back to our rooms. We were staying in the Radisson which is connected to the MoA, and that was pretty fun. I showered and took care of everything the night before since we needed to meet at 7am to grab breakfast. I had my wake-up call scheduled for 6:30 but woke up at 5am when my neighbor slammed his room door closed. From there I was tossing and turning until 6:30 and too tired to move. I finally raced out of bed at 6:45 with enough time to grab some clothes and comb my hair.

My room:


Window view:


There’s a cute restaurant below the Radisson that we picked for breakfast – easy to get in and out of. The best part was that there weren’t many people dining so it was nice and quiet. Plus, the menu was so cool!! There were a ton of fun things I wanted to try (at MoA prices though) and I settled on a omelet with ham, green peppers and onions with white cheddar, a cup of fresh fruit, and coffee. Back home, fruit cups are usually melon and grapes so I was majorly excited by all the great stuff I found in mine. Delish!


Wasn’t this a cute little restaurant? I loved the look of the chairs and it was bright and quiet – perfect for a morning breakfast.


There were three of us total sitting through the training and luckily we all get along really well. That makes the long car rides easier. Plus, we didn’t know much about each other and had plenty of fun things to talk about. The training was pretty long and terrible – it was more for the other two gals then me – but we got through it. The highlight was walking through all the skyways to find a place for lunch. It’s quite the different work experience! Here in GB you pull into a parking lot, walk in, and it’s easy to find things and get around (and free to park). In Minneapolis, you have to pay to park ($20 where we went) and then it’s still 15 minutes of walking until you get where you need to go! No wonder so many people bus into work.

Picture from our lunch nook:


Those cranes in the back are from the Metrodome stadium renovation.

We went to a restaurant called Eddington that specialized in a variety of soups. I tried a cup of wild rice and had a ham and swiss sandwich. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with the soup and was glad I hadn’t gotten a full bowl. I am positive I took a picture… but I can’t find it on my camera. Just picture a ham and swiss sandwich and a cup of soup. Ha!

Training finished at 4pm and by the time we packed up our computers, said our good-byes, and located our car again – it was 4:45pm. We made a brief stop for dinner and another for a restroom break and were back in GB exactly 5 hours later. It was a long couple of days and I feel behind because of it. We have to go back late this month/early next month for the next training and hopefully I’ll remember to drink more. 🙂

I’m working on trying to get a time scheduled for engagement photos as well as meet with the pastor again. It’s crazy trying to work around their busy/hectic schedules. Plus, we’re at the beginning of a heat/rain wave. I don’t relish taking pictures either soaking in water or soaking in sweat, so we’ll see how this all goes.

I also owe everyone a garden update. Some veggies are growing – hurray!

Have a wonderful day everyone!




3 Responses

  1. Mall of America looks AWESOME! My dad was there before and said it was so neat, but I’ve never been!

  2. Looks like a fun training trip. I haven’t been to a mall in ages. Guess I’m addicted to online shopping. but now you’ve made me realize the fun I’m missing. 🙂

  3. I have always wanted to go to the MOA!

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