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Shiny New Driveway

Good morning and happy Monday everyone!

It’s always rough the Monday morning following a week of vacation but luckily I feel pretty rested and (hopefully) ready to jump right in and tackle what appears to be a particularly grueling week of work. No rest for the weary!

We always start vacation with a laundry list of projects and things I want to tackle – and I never seem to get very far on anything. Maybe I just need to relax and ENJOY vacation more.

But the one big project we got finished was a nice re-surfacing of the driveway. I should have taken more before shots to show you the huge cracks, the large chunks of grass growing out of the middle, etc… but I only have this one:


The guys were supposed to come on Tuesday… and then it was Wednesday and then Thursday at 8am. We got up, moved Ben’s car, and waited. They finally rolled up around 11:15am and got to work. Surprisingly, they were working on this most of the day. We finally had to leave for some errands at 2:45pm and they still hadn’t laid the sealant over the top and were still working on the seams.


Seams have been filled:


Shiny, “new” driveway:


They put some really pliable sealant on the seams and if you even lightly tap your foot on it, you can see the impression of your shoe. We were concerned that meant it wasn’t fully drying and kept the cars parked on the street Thurs, Friday, and Saturday night. Yesterday we still saw no change and decided it was as dry as it was going to get!

Our other project was to paint the backyard deck. Ben spent countless hours using deck wash, sanding, and repeating over and over. This project hasn’t yet been finished so I’ll save the before & after shots until then. What a lot of work!


I’m definitely behind catching you all up on my boot camp workouts and all the usual stuff – thanks for letting me take some time off. 🙂 I’ve gotta scoot to work now and will catch you up some more tomorrow. Have a great day!



3 Responses

  1. Looks good!! We need our driveway updated!

  2. Yay for the new driveway. At least you didn’t need to have the old one ripped out. The driveway is one of those great things that you only have to do every so often. Unlike washing windows.

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