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In Honor Of…

Last night I spent a fair amount of time moseying around the yard and sitting on my front porch admiring my beautiful flowering trees. This week is my favorite week of the year. That sounds odd, but the week of the fragrant, blossoming crabapples ranks above any other time. The air is sweet and pungent and the trees are so gorgeous.

So in honor of this week, I give you my favorite thing:


When Ben and I were house hunting, I told him if the house we bought didn’t have crabapple trees then I would be planting them myself. We were so fortunate to have a house that had three – and all different colors!

The first is a deep pink color. It’s so striking in the evening sun. This tree had some storm damage because the previous owners have it all clamped together so the whole left side doesn’t crack off. I hope nothing happens to it because it’s my favorite of the three trees.


I mean check out this glorious color!!


The middle tree is a light pink – the “classic” crabapple color.


I keep thinking I should prune this a little bit – but that would mean chopping off part of the blooms. Nooooo!!! 🙂


I like to stand under the tree, surrounded by the flowers, and breathe it all in.


The final tree is Ben’s favorite – the Big White tree


It’s definitely the largest of the three trees but it sits off on the far side of our lot so I almost never walk by it unless I want to see it up close.



Is it crazy how crazy I am about these trees? I could sit outside from sun-up to sun-down and just look at them. The wind is already knocking a bunch of the blooms off – and they’ve only been blooming for 4 days!!! I need to find another kind of tree that smells and looks just as good but blooms longer than a week or two.


Meanwhile, I have plenty of work to do under each tree:


You should see the to-do list Ben and I have for next week while we’re home on vacation. I’d be shocked if a handful of tasks even manage to get done because most of the things are multiple day projects. Always lots and lots to do!

Alright, thanks for indulging me in my little flowering rant. I love them, what can I say? 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Not a rant at all! Flowers are great – even if they are fleeting 😀

  2. LOVE the flowers Ali!!!

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